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Truth or Fiction?

Soon after news of Bush’s secret trip to Iraq broke, reports indicated that the trip was almost called off mid-flightafter the plane was spotted by a British Airways pilot.

According to a pool report from aboard Air Force One, reporters were told a British Airways pilot spotted the president’s plane and radioed, “Did I just see Air Force One?”

After a long silence, the British Airways pilot, seeming to get that he was in on a secret, said, “Oh.”

However, now that no British Airways pilots have come forward to say that they did infact see the plane, the White House has begun to change the story.

Claire Buchan, White House spokeman now claims that actually, the exchange was between the BA pilot and an air traffic control tower, not between the BA pilot and AirForce1.

Or did any of it happen? Was this tall tale invented and passed on to the pool reporters travelling along with the President to make the trip seem Bush seem more heroic, more brave?

Posted by blipsman at December 2, 2003 4:55 PM