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This is a Joke, Right?

With all of our money and technology, how is this happening? Rockets on donkeys hit major Baghdad sites? So, not only have we got the human population turning against us, but it would seem we’ve also pissed off the Iraqi donkeys. To think, I was worried about not winning the hearts and minds of the human population! I never knew donkeys could be trained to fire missles, let alone to know the difference between two opposing sides in a war!

Thankfully, our troops did stop 2 two donkeys near the Italian Embassy because “[n]either of those donkeys had fired its deadly load” but, I do have some trouble thinking of whomever is behind this as a “mastermind”. Ingenious, yes. Mastermind? Well, I guess they did come up with the idea that strapping missles on donkeys would get past the U.S. troops and be able to inflict damage.

Posted by huxley75 at November 21, 2003 2:28 PM