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The Cart Before the Horse

It’s been awhile since I posted - a big project came my way this month so I’ve not had the time to pay attention to political news as I’d like. Tonight I found the time and came across a few articles worth mentioning.

The first concerns Florida Senator Bob Graham’s announcement (r.r.) regarding his re-election NEXT YEAR. It couldn’t have been more poorly timed. Don’t get me wrong. Graham has as much right to retire as anyone else. If in fact that’s his motivation. But why do it the day before Election Day? Was this a major decision that the national political press was holding their breath waiting for? Bob, would it have hurt to wait and do this NEXT Tuesday?

And then I see that CNN has obtained a copy of -- gasp -- a strategy memo from the Bush campaign that attempts to lower expectation of GWB's standing in the coming months.

And last but not least CNN schedules a Rock the Vote forum in Boston tomorrow night from 7-8:30. Eight of the nine Democratic candidates will be on hand to answer questions posed by the "MTV Generation," considered the most apathetic voting block in America.

Lest we forgot, tomorrow is Election Day 2003 -- and while some of the contests to be decided may have implications for 2004 -- why are we so far ahead of ourselves. There's been so much coverage of 2004 that most races this year haven't received the exposure they deserve (outside of the California governor race of course but don't get me started on that one.) At least on a national scale. And now we've got more 2004 news to think about -- on the eve of Election Day 2003.

And if these distractions weren't enough, the NFL Network will launch tomorrow. I was at first outraged at the timing. But a friend of my mother's calls football the savage sacrament of the patriarchy. I always thought that definition summed up politics quite well too. So good luck to the fledgling NFL Network. May it have better luck attracting attention than Election Day 2003 has been able to.

After much surfing, I was able to come up with some news re: notable races tomorrow, particulary in Mississippi and Kentucky where the results are being framed as a bellwether for Bush in 2004. See, there's just no getting away from it.

Posted by 9thwave at November 3, 2003 11:15 PM