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Media Manipulation, Part III

In what is becomming an increasingly common ploy to manipulate public opinion (first instance) | second instance), groups closely tied to the Bush administration have resorted to letter writing campaigns to manipulate public opinion.

In an October 17 memo, Halliburton President Dave Lesar asked his 100,000 employees to get out Halliburton’s message to newspapers and members of Congress in response to the perceived preferential treatment the company—formerly headed by VP Dick Cheney—received when the Bush administration handed out contracts to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq.

Cheney again claims calls of special favors to his former employer are unfounded as he has tie to the company or its fortunes.

But does he not still have friends who work for the company who might benefit from such deals? Does he not still have friends and family invested in the company? Does he not hope to gain cushy board of director seats to oil industry firms upon leaving office? Doesn't he still fear poor stock performance leading to class action suits could open investigations that might implicate him in financial scandals like those that plague Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, etc?

To say he doesn't have any interest in the economic future of Halliburton may be the case in the simplistic terms of stock portfolio holdings, he remains heavily invested in regards to political and social capital.

But Bush, Cheney, et al. don't want you to think about that. They just want you to think about how great Bush's economic policies are, how successful the war in Iraq is going, and how great a company Hallibuton is.

Posted by blipsman at October 26, 2003 12:37 PM