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Keeping My Balance

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry insists that everything works out for him “even steven?” He loses a $20 bill - he finds $20 in royalty checks and so on. Well, anyway, that’s what I thought about after reading back to back stories tonight.

The first was this article about the $83.9 million the Bush/Cheney campaign has raised — a truly impressive, and daunting, figure. (That’s just under one tenth of one percent of the $87 billion he wants to spend to rebuild Iraq. But I digress.)

The second was this article about the possible revolt of the so-called Reagan Democrats. It gives a nice historical perspective — not to mention an interesting view of the upcoming presidential race.

So they balance each other out in a way, don’t you think? They did for me at least.

Posted by 9thwave at October 14, 2003 10:41 PM