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Putting Faith in False Prophets

In the LA Times Robert Scheer has an article on the ‘evidence’ that the White House used to formulate their case for the war on Iraq, which Bush presented in his State of the Union Address. It now appears that the Iraqi weapon claims presented by Bush were based on the claims of Iraqi émigrés who lied to the US in order to start a war that suited their own needs. Now, after too many Americans have died in Iraq U.S. intelligence officials say the administration was lied to by Iraqi émigrés.

What about the intelligence process? Wouldn’t the baseless lies of the Iraqi émigrés have been found out by the likes of the CIA or the NSA? According to Scheer:

“Bush ignored all the cautions of career diplomats and intelligence experts in every branch of the U.S. government over the unsubstantiated word of Iraqi renegades.”

Scheer continues by raising concerns about our President:

“Clearly, the administration, from the president on down, did not want expert advice and intelligence that would have undermined its excuse for invading Iraq. This was a shell game from beginning to end in which Americans’ legitimate fear of terrorism after Sept. 11 was almost immediately and cynically exploited by the neoconservative gang that runs U.S. foreign policy. “

Quite rightly, Scheer follows these concerns by chastising Americans for not holding the Presidents feet to the fire for lying to us.

"too many Americans betray the proud tradition of an independent citizenry by buying into the "aw shucks" irresponsibility of a president who daily does a grave injustice to the awesome obligations of the office that he has sworn — in the name of God, no less — to uphold."

The outrage is there Scheer, but it is not getting the front page headlines that the lies of our former president received. David Lindorff takes a look at the double standard in his article Clinton, Bush and Impeachment. If the impeachment of Clinton was really just about lying, and not about sex, then why haven't the members of Congress started impeachment hearings on the State of the Union lies? Bush's lies are obviously more serious than lying about the personal behavior between two consenting adults. Bush's lies have lead to over 300 American casualties in Iraq (that we know about) while Clinton's lie lead to a stained dress.

Posted by Lefty at September 3, 2003 11:02 AM