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Can the stonings be that far off?

As the battle continues in Alabama over whether the Ten Commandments should remain in the courthouse or be removed, some are using the issue to reintroduce the discussion regarding the relationship between religion and government.

While many agree that the freedom of religion and the lack of any established religion is one of the fundamental foundations of the United States, others seem to believe otherwise. Former presidental candidate Alan Keyes argues that the first amendment of the Bill of Rights only prevents the federal government from establishing a national religion, and therefore the tenth amendment allows for the establishment of official religion on the state level.

While this arguement is presented as a means of justifying the placement of the Ten Commandments sculpture in a government building, why would anyone believe that the establishment of an official religion would be limited to monuments.

One would assume that were a state establish a religion, it would want to govern according to the principals of that religion. And we see what happens when states are allowed to govern by religious rule rather than national constitutional law...

Posted by blipsman at August 27, 2003 3:58 PM