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Time to Grow Up

I find the California recall vote fascinating - and though I don’t believe in polls - this one is encouraging for those who do — and support Gray Davis of course.

I live and vote in New York but I care deeply about the outcome of this game. I guess for me it's simple - you elect someone to a term of office. When that term's over, voters decide whether he or she keeps the job. Sometimes that's one year, or two or four or six...either way, voting for someone should count for something. Given the percentage of people who don't vote in this country, it's apparent that a majority of us ALREADY figures our vote doesn't count.

If Davis is recalled, I may start thinking along those lines myself. For a day or two anyway. And I love the GOP message now - it's not a right wing power grab, but we want bonafide candidates to "drop out" and rally behind Arnold (though their names will still appear on the ballot.) And, oh yeah, we're only thinking of you (the people of California.) No need to offer a logistics plan for implementing an election in Oct. that likely will cost $60 million - less than a month before the November elections.

And I've heard all the arguments to the contrary - this empowers the people, really gives them a choice, California's economy... While I'm not one to argue with a million or so signatures, I do know that ringleader Darrell Issa - a really icky politican if there ever was one - paid 75 cents for signatures. And now he's not even in the race. The ironies here are endless by the way.

But one fact remains - I have seen no evidence of official wrongdoing in Sacramento - and if we recalled governors because of state budget deficits or those who'll say anything to win an election, we'd really be in trouble, at least in the 18 other states that have recall provisions. And as the recent Northeast blackout demonstrates, is anyone really prepared to deal with the current energy situation? Holding Davis responsible for Enron's crimes is beyond absurd. Especially when Republicans fought Davis' attempts at a solution. And last but not least, I'm sick of Silicon Valley crybabies who are shocked, yes shocked, that the Internet bubble burst and their riches have disappeared. That's the danger paper riches.

The top five reasons to recall Davis, according to recall organizers, are grounds to remove practically every politician currently in office. Recall Davis for lying about the magnitude of the budget deficit? Do people still think that government budget documents are actually used like your household budget? For those who have never actually read a government fiscal plan, budget documents, from the federal government's to Suffolk County's, are political documents - pure and simple. Anyone telling you different is well...lying.

When all is said and done, recalling Davis will be the wrong move for everyone concerned. I hope enough people in California see through this - and realize that the state and national GOP were more upset about failing to unseat Davis than anything else in 2002 - and that Davis is allowed to finish the term he was elected to serve. Then vote him out if you don't like the job he's done.

But to participate in this obvious Republican power grab - one year before the re-election of GWB and all of the attendant advantages a sitting GOP governor in California would deliver - just wreaks of the old Nixon "rat-f'ing" politics. Maybe the 1960s never really ended in California. Either way, it's time for California to grow up.

Posted by 9thwave at August 23, 2003 10:26 AM