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Where Were You...?

I was in Stamford, CT, more than 50 miles from home, when the Big Blackout hit. I stayed overnight at the Stamford-Westin after a dinner of two margaritas. I awoke with the power restored, ordered a large breakfast and drove home to Long Island, keeping the hotel’s floor-length white robe as a memento of my “trouble.” Once home, I waited another 10 hours for power to return.

Now that (almost) all power is returned, what's next? The political, economic and public policy fallout and ramifications of an outage so widespread will likely be felt, and debated, for some time. The Carvel guy in my neigbhorhood claimed to have lost $13,000 worth of inventory. Multiply that by all the businesses affected from Montauk to Canton and pretty soon we're talking real money.

But it also says something about the communities affected - particularly in a city as diverse as NYC. I'm starting to think it's all the bad luck of Lili Sun, one young Canadian woman. You might have heard - she was mugged while visiting the Big Apple and at first refused offers to return in grand style. Well, she resisted for a few weeks and arrived Wednesday for her whirlwind, all-expense paid trip to Manhattan. Needless to say, I don't think she'll be returning any time soon. She was from Toronto so I don't think it was any better there. But once burned, shame on you - twice burned, shame on me as the saying goes.

As for New York, Hillary weighs in, Pataki demands an investigation, Mayor Mike can't win for losing (or can he?), NIMBY is again in the news and LIPA insists they did a much better job than LILCO could have done (the jury's still out on that one.) So politically, things are about the same in the Empire State. And just ask anyone from Buffalo - the FIRST thing you do is blame Canada. But it appears there is plenty of blame to go around - and should be evenly distributed among our elected officials - of both parties.

So I'm not sure what affect the Big Blackout had in other parts of the country. But here in New York's tri-state region, we know there are much worse things than no power for a few hours. Much worse. And we continue to grow up - and know, not just think, that life does go on. And a Carvel ice cream cone won't be too far behind. So where were you?

Posted by 9thwave at August 17, 2003 3:19 PM