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Iraqi Tips on Coping With a Blackout

Though the electricity is fully restored in New York, the Times generously provides some tips for dealing with a blackout, from the citizens of Iraq to their occupiers. Most notably, don’t count on Americans to fix the problem:

Thamir Mahmoud, a retired clerk, said he was especially worried by President Bush’s promise to fix the problem [power outages in the Northeast United States]. “If the American government is involved,” he said, “you must be prepared to be patient. They work very slowly.”

Also in the Times John Kerry speaks out on the blackouts: “Millions of Americans are now well acquainted with our old, antiquated, not up to par energy system that they have not been paying attention to…this is not a forward-looking administration that tries to eliminate problems before they occur.”

Posted by Ry Rivard at August 16, 2003 2:40 AM