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Why I'm Voting for Dennis

Politicans and Presidential candidates use the media and the web to try to convince voters that they deserve their support, but often it is the opinions of ordinary people that sway my opinion. If you haven’t given Dennis Kucinich much thought, or if you don’t know what Kucinich stands for this blog entry from the sometimes political “Something’s Got to Break” is an excellent primer on the candidate.

“I’m pledging my vote to a Polish-American vegan with radical ideas and Hollywood friends who believes in holistic medicine, who looks like a shriveled voodoo doll, and who has no hope in hell of winning against Bush. Trust me, I’ve already heard all about it. Here’s what I have to say to the inevitable shrieks of indignation.”

With that the author of the post takes on five arguments for not voting for Kucinich and explains his reasons for disagreeing. The author’s viewpoint on Kucinich is an interesting one as he grew up in an American socialist environment (the United States Army). The post is fairly passionate, and includes a number of links to news articles on Kucinich (both pro and con).

One theme that runs through this post is a sense of hope for the future. As gaijin writes:

"That's what Kucinich represents to me: a chance to not be afraid for the future anymore. Hell, isn't that what we're all running on these days? Fear of what's to come, where the next terrorist attack'll be, when the market'll crash again, when we'll be "downsized" and escorted out of the office -- it's all part of the way we live now, and I'm sick of it. But isn't it too "expensive" to do the things Kucinich says he wants to do? Nope, not in the grand scheme of things. Education, healthcare, and social programs are a drop in the bucket compared to things like tax subsidies for big corporations and missile defense shields that don't even work right. The money's already out there; it's just a matter of re-prioritizing things."

If Kucinich can rekindle the hope for a better future for Americans and turn that hope into votes, then there's a good chance that he will be a serious contender for the nomination.

Posted by Lefty at August 15, 2003 11:45 AM