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Is Dean the Anti-Bush?

Nationally syndicated columnist Robert Novak has an opinion piece on CNN Politics that got me to take another look at Howard Dean. I’ve been under the impression that Dean would not be able to ‘go all the way’ because he is ‘unelectable.’ That impression turns out to be the work of anti-Dean sentiment within the Democratic establishment, and not a dose of daily corporate media. So, why are the leaders of the Democratic Party so upset with Dean, and why do Democrat voters show their support through Internet contributions?

According to Novak, the reason is one and the same; Dean is the Anti-Bush. He’s not part of the political establishment, and taps into the…

“…pure hatred by rank-and-file Democrats of the reigning Republican that I have never seen in 44 years of campaign watching.”

As for being too liberal to be elected, Novak points out that:

“Dean is actually in the mainstream of the party, with all candidates enunciating the same liberal line.”

Having a candidate that worries the centrist hub of the DNC doesn’t worry me one bit (Kucinich got my vote in the primary). What worries me more is the negative press that Democratic leaders are spinning that Dean is unelectable. Give US voters a candidate to stand behind and we’ll take that candidate to the White House.

Posted by Lefty at August 13, 2003 2:30 PM