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The Secret is Out

It’s been announced. The “top secret” purpose for which the money was earmarked on the Dean campaign’s second bat of last weekend’s fundraiser is —

To air a tv commercial in Texas.

I didn’t suggest it. But I did argue there in favor of putting some campaign resources into Texas. If Bush has to campaign in Texas, how does that make him look? Five letters, starts with L. If Bush doesn’t campaign in Texas, we can win there. If both sides campaign there, but his campaign pretends it isn’t, they look phony and play into our hands on the credibility issue. As an added bonus, Texas has a huge number of people, which means it has a substantial number of potential donors.

Making it the target of a secret-purpose fundraiser stirs up advance buzz without letting anyone beat the Dean campaign to the punch. All in all, this sounds like a winner to me.

Posted by dsws at August 1, 2003 8:31 PM