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The One Remaining Republican Principle

In all the actions of the Bush Administration there is one principle that overrides everything else.

That is the principle of F. U., And it is about time people who call themselves card-carrying Republicans understood this.

Everything – money, power, life – will be concentrated in fewer-and-fewer hands, until the Republican Guard around this President has just as much power as Saddam Hussein ever had.

As to every other principle – F. U.

It is an absolute principle that a President will not lie. Lie about a blowjob and we will impeach your ass. Unless you’re George Bush, in which case even if the subject is war the principle is F.U.

It is an absolute principle that you will not display the faces of the others’ war dead. Only barbarians parade around such pictures. Unless those dead are the enemies of George Bush, in which case F.U.

It is absolute principle that the rights of citizens under the Constitution are guaranteed. You have the right to counsel, to speak, to face your accusers. Unless George Bush declares you an enemy combatant , in which case F.U.

It is an absolute principle that you don’t steal from your children to live for today. Unless, that is, the money is to cut the taxes of George Bush’ friends , in which case, kiddies, F.U.

It is an absolute principle that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unless, that is, the power is held by George Bush, in which case it’s F.U.

It is an absolute principle that our warriors will be protected, now and in the future. We will honor them in deed as well as word , unless George Bush wants the money, in which case F.U.

Does an international treaty get in the way of what George Bush wants to do? F.U. Does the Constitution state the executive cannot act in an arbitrary and secret manner? F.U.

By the way, my Republican friends, this goes for you, too. This is something you have to understand. If you have something, a right or a dollar, something you feel is vital and protected, something that is truly precious, a principle that is absolute, then if George Bush decides he wants it, F.U. to you too.

What are the differences between these principles and those espoused by Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Saddam Hussein? George Bush’s word. That is the only difference. That is the principle of F.U. in action. Power grows from the barrel of a gun, and only from there. It is absolute.

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. And to all you trolls out there who will call me names for writing these words, I hereby invoke the Bush Doctrine. F.U.

Posted by Danablankenhorn at July 24, 2003 3:11 PM