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Bastille Day

Bastille Day celebrates a jailbreak.

Of course it was more than a jailbreak. It was the end of the monarchy, the birth of a Republic. The French move toward democracy did not end on Bastille Day — it just began there.

Since Bastille Day France has had five Republics, five Constitutions, five different ways to organize executive, legislative and judicial power. Meanwhile the U.S. has had one, a Constitution that came into force the same year the Bastille was stormed.

Today another Bastille is being stormed. Slowly the storm is building - against monopoly, against the politics of money, against the domination of the many by the few.

The Dean Campaign is the best expression of this, not because of the candidate it represents, but because of the way it is being waged. It is a campaign of small donors, of big crowds, of hot rhetoric. It is a true campaign, in which thousands, then tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands are being enlisted to demand the power the Constitution gave them, power that was taken from them by the Bush Junta, and used in an attempt to make power permanent based on birthright.

George W. Bush never did a thing in his life to deserve the Presidency -- not one thing. It was given him by the money men, by the greedy men, because they knew he would obey their will. He has.

But George W. Bush is not America. We are. We will take our country back. We will take it back through the means prescribed by our Constitution. We will keep the First Republic of America. We will not fail because we are, simply, Americans.

The genius of America is that for over 200 years its system of checks and balances have kept generals, monopolists, preachers, and politicians from keeping power the people had not freely given. So it has been. So it will be.

Happy Bastille Day.

Posted by Danablankenhorn at July 14, 2003 11:18 AM