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The Dean Meme

Howard Dean is too far left to be elected.
Howard Dean is George McGovern.
Howard Dean is mean.
Howard Dean is a fraud.
Howard Dean is Perot in Wellstone’s clothing.
Howard Dean hates war and loves fags, so no one in, say Georgia (which loves war and hates fags) would ever vote for him.
Howard Dean is Vermont, and Vermont is Berkeley with cows.
Howard Dean has no minority support.
Howard Dean is a flash in the pan.
Howard Dean’s Internet campaign cannot scale.

Fact is Howard Dean is none of these things. Howard Dean is Howard Dean. And you barely know him, whether or not you support him.

But there are $7.5 million reasons why you will get to know him. Once you do you can make your own judgements.

Just don’t believe pundits, don’t believe reporters, don’t even believe me. Find out for yourself. That’s the lesson of what Howard Dean means.

And fortunately, finding out is easier than ever before. So you don’t have any excuse.

Posted by Danablankenhorn at July 7, 2003 5:09 PM