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Dear Human Resources

Regarding your memo: Building the case.

I’ve been trying as hard as I can. This place was a mess when I got here and then all hell broke loose. If my approval ratings get any lower, I’ll have to start another war or something. I think Dick, Rummy, Condie, Karl and the rest are letting me down. I keep telling them that I’m the top dog around here, but darn it, sometimes I get the sense that can’t keep everything under control. This job is way tougher than the oil business or running the ball team. All I thought I had to do was talk tough, hammer the bad guys, sign some stuff, kiss some babies and then everyone would respect me.

As far as the financial thing. It really was the last guy’s screw up. And the way he messed up the Pentagon and CIA really hurt. Heck, it’s so messed up, no wonder I can’t find Bin Laden or Hussein.

I promise to work harder on it before next November. If I play my cards right the economy will come back good enough to get me past the next report card. Maybe I can get some good publicity from the Korea thing. We can worry about what comes next after that.

Whaddya say?

Posted by grover at July 1, 2003 12:45 PM