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New operation or same old lies?

Operation Sidewinder is the Bush Administrations latest military offensive to route out Saddam loyalists. Operation Sidewinder consists of the US Army going door to door to find ba’atheist. The only problem with the announcement of Operation Sidewinder is that it has been going on for weeks, if not months.

A friend of mine said in a email dated June 21st:

Our mission is still the same, we’re here to take out the “Shadow Regime” as it’s been dubbed. We are accomplishing that slowly and methodically. We’ve been on a number of raids where we enter the bad guys houses and detain them. In the process we also detain their weapons. So on an overall thing it’s going well.

This represents just one more instance of the Bush Administration distorting the facts to suit its needs. I don’t believe that this one instance is a huge impropriety on the Bush Administration’s part, but it just contributes to a pattern of deceit. And that I see as a HUGE problem.

Posted by Grant at July 1, 2003 12:23 PM