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Dean's Dollars

Howard Dean has raised more than $6 million since March

Still, this is a pittance compared to Bush and the Republicans $30 million, but most of Dr. Dean’s dollars are said to come from small donors and not corporations or fat cats.

It seems that Dean’s got some juice that, if wisely spent, will raise his image and name recognition among voters. He’s on a bit of a roll and distinguishing himself from the other Democratic candidates.

Dean’s also getting some respect in Hollywood with Rob Reiner putting his considerable weight behind his electoral effort. I doubt that Arnold contributed. I hear he’s saving his dough to redecorate the Governors mansion in California.

Dean is also getting some play on the Internet front getting a mention in Wired for his creative organizing skills and use of the ‘Net for other than a hip billboard. Also he’s had some success in online fundraising. And a quote from one of his web savvy staffers.

“Sarah Leonard is a spokesperson with the Howard Dean campaign. She said, “Our campaign has really reached out to people who are comfortable with online activism.” Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean is leading the way to young voters. And their money is leading him to national contention. Dean has raised $2.8 million online in the past eight days.”, from Des Moines Iowa TV Channel 13

I wonder if he takes PayPal?

Posted by grover at June 30, 2003 7:41 PM