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The Harm of Bush's Foreign Policy

Yesterday, on Meet the Press, Mary Matalin, speaking on the topic of national security said, “Well, what this foreign policy has done is enhanced American security. Yes, it would be nice if everybody liked us, but itís more important that we are secure. And thatís the foreign policy that this president pursued.” My question is this, if we are loved, wouldn’t that go a long way towards making us safe?

I am not saying that the United States should bend over backwards to please the rest of the world, however, the US does need to put forth some effort ensure the other major powers in the world agree with our actions. The US must consult with Europe and Russia and China on issues such as preemptive military action and listen to what the other countries have to say and then act on those words.

What the Bush Administration did was to push their plans on the world, not taking any advice from others that had a stake in the consequences. Here we see the key difference between the Bush Administrations approach to foreign policy and that of the Democratic challengers. Speaking broadly, Democrats want to involve the rest of the world in our major foreign policy choices in order to maintain goodwill amongst our allies. The Bush Administration, on the other hand, seeks to hide the decision making process even from the American public, as evidenced by the creation of the National Security Strategy.

By ensuring our allies stay our allies we reduce the risk of creating future hostile states. Within 20 years the EU could easily create a military that would rival the US's, economically and culturally the EU could also rival the US within that timeframe. Two decades is not a long time in the grand scheme of things. It is in the best interest of the US to work with Europe and major countries, not turn them adversarial.

President Bush's foreign policy might make the United States safer in the short run, but in the long run it is a looser. We need a president that has a long term view, something that the Bush Administration is sorely lacking.

Posted by Grant at June 30, 2003 7:39 PM