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Is This Compassionate Conservatism?

In another example of the Bush administration helping the wealthy at the expense of the working class, 8 million workers stand to lose their overtime pay if Bush’s proposal gets implemented.

“The millions of employees who will see their pay reduced will, in all likelihood, see their hours of work increase at the same time,” wrote the authors of the Economic Policy Institute’s study.

While the Bush administration justifies the proposal by stating that the "new rules are clearer and will lower the chance of employee lawsuits. The EPI study said the proposal could have the opposite effect."

The interesting question to this is, should this propal get enacted, how does that affect voters' decisions in the upcoming election? Do those conservative middle America voters across the south, midwest, etc. that voted for Bush stick with him when they're working longer hours and taking home less money? This policy doesn't affect the blue collar union workers as much as the more middle class white collar employees make up much of the bread & butter of the GOP's support base.

Will they jump to the Democratic side? If so, which candidate would they most identify with? 8 million voters is a huge block that could obviously impact the election in 2004.

Posted by blipsman at June 26, 2003 11:26 AM