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Dean Drives The Dems

It’s time to admit the truth. Howard Dean is driving and defining the Democratic race for President.

Dean’s schtick is that he’s against the war, against the tax cuts, and against the idea of Bush Lite, the “yeah-but” Democrats who he says lost the mid-term elections.

Today his opponents are playing catch-up. John Kerry now says he was lied-to on the war. The Rainbow Coalition cattle call in Chicago was devoted entirely to red-meat attacks on Bush. Most remarkably, John Edwards called Bush a crook-coddling pinko according to Slate.

Now that he has defined the issues, Dean is moving to lead the party. He looks ready to have a good quarter on the fund-raising front. He became the favorite to win the primary. His announcement speech on Monday was, on the whole, a mainstream Democratic statement of principle. He was even the subject of a Letterman Top 10 list

While Dean is now drawing his share of fire from the "chattering classes" (most notably from his appearance on Meet the Press) he is also getting serious endorsements from people who take themselves far too seriously. The Nation calls him stronger than Bush The New Republic (the voice of the Democratic Leadership Council) now gives him an A on Iraq. Even the Wall Street Journal editorial page gave him a boost, calling him the most consequential Democrat challenging President Bush," "articulate and smart" and as a candidate "touching something deep in the current Democratic psyche." (Sorry no link. It's a paid site.)

Six months ago Howard Dean was a cipher. Now he's in the top tier. At this rate he will be the front-runner by October and the nominee presumptive in January. Then, when his the IN in Internet stands for Intimate campaign staff grabs hold of the party structure, then is when this election may get interesting.

Posted by Danablankenhorn at June 25, 2003 2:18 PM