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It Ain't Heavy, It's My Server

Now, wouldn’t it stand to reason that a web site with as much savvy as would have been ready for the traffic it received today? Well it wasn’t quite ready. Maybe I’ve been in the web content side of the business too long, but wasn’t there one IT person who said ‘let’s do whatever we have to’ to keep the site running?

So now the site’s back up and running and the downtime was just over an hour. So big deal, right? But it makes me wonder why this online vote is so important when the Wisconsin Straw Poll online vote wasn’t? And of course I’m aware of the difference in volume. But let’s face it - both are pretty pointless in that harmless sort of fun way. So I’m more curious now as to why candidates boycotted and the DNC got all officious about the Wisconsin time-waster.

Posted by 9thwave at June 24, 2003 9:00 PM