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It's About Precedent

In 1998, The United States, if not the world, was sharing in our constitutional crisis. At enormous cost to the tax payer, we found out the ugly truth about our President. Bill Clinton had been caught in an affair with Monica Lewinsky after denying it to the media and to a Congressional Committee. He was impeached in the House but not ratified by the Senate, thus allowing him to stay in office but marking his permanent record for the history books. We had gone after the president who had the nerve to lie to America about an affair he had on his wife.

In 2003, President Bush stood in front of Congress and the American people and united us all in fear. He told us about the intelligence reports on the Weapons of Mass Destruction and even the possible procurement of nuclear items by Iraq. This message hit home with all of us and for a moment turned even the many skeptics a little on edge. Now the war is over and the question is looming over the White House; Where are the WMD's? The Intelligence reports President Bush used in his speech just months ago had been deemed unreliable, inaccurate, and in some cases, forged. Yet this was the evidence he presented to us for going in Iraq without the consent of the United Nations and most of the members. Now the pro war people will tell you that finding the WMD's are no longer the issue, "Look at the massive suffering we have freed the Iraqi people from." Maybe so, but it was never our reason for going in and never pitched to the American people as a humanitarian effort, merely a positive outcome. The more important question is being overlooked; Did President Bush mislead or even lie outright to the American people into going to war and if so, should he be held accountable? Does the impeachment hearings of President Clinton set a precedent?

Posted by Beau Wade at June 23, 2003 2:19 PM