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Truth or Consequences

It’s Friday and the new Harry Potter book is coming out tomorrow so I’m not thinking about anything too serious today. Not to mention that I can’t shake the mental image of pagans worldwide dancing at Stonehenge at the crack of dawn tomorrow to mark the summer solstice. The Anglican Church (update: see comments for correction) thinks Harry, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (of all people) are to blame for the expected large turnout. Sorry - back to my original point. Another Friday hazard.

Speaking of magic, more than a quarter of a million viewers in New Zealand were “surprised and confused” by a lower third graphic describing Bush as a professional fascist. I am not making this up - see for yourself. (Thanks for the link RD)

Of course there will be an investigation of how something like this could happen and someone’s probably going to lose their job. I worked for a local news channel awhile back where the chyron guy thought it would be funny to describe a local councilman as a sex offender. It was never meant to air - but somehow it did. Life is full of these moments, huh? At least in that case, there was no truth to the description.

Posted by 9thwave at June 20, 2003 1:01 PM