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Revisionist Historians?

Bush’s counter to those questioning the administration’s justification for invading Iraq were blasted by bush for being “Revisionist Historians” yesterday.

Those “revisionist historians” seem to include one Rand Beers, a Bush advisor who resigned shortly before the war. “The [Washington] Post quoted Beers as saying the evidence used against Iraq was ‘pretty qualified’ and that many of his government colleagues thought Iraq was an ‘ill-conceived and poorly executed strategy.’” He also mentioned how the administration’s Iraq policy could likely increase terrorism by fueling al Queda’s recruiting efforts.

Hopefully more “revisionist historians” will continue to question Bush’s foreign policies and ask the tough questions to get the correct answers on Iraq and uncover the true rationale for Bush’s continued assult on the Middle East.

Posted by blipsman at June 19, 2003 1:47 PM