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The 401k Man

In a fairly thoughtful piece concerning an attack on Howard Dean by a former Paul Wellstone aide, and reaction to it, Doug Grow got this out of Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, who knew Wellstone, loved Wellstone, and admits that Dean is no Wellstone.

But he’s excited about him nonetheless.

“His pragmatism and his idealism appeal equally,” said Rybak of Dean. “I loved Paul Wellstone deeply, but I wouldn’t have wanted him managing my 401(k). I wouldn’t mind having Howard Dean do that.”

Later he added, “He’s not an ‘I-feel-your-pain’ sort of guy,” Rybak said. “He’s more a ‘I’ll-fix-your-pain type.’”

If the pain increases, which happens when bad policies are put in place, Howard Dean can be a lot more than Barry Goldwater. He could be the Democrats’ Nixon (another Roosevelt if you prefer), the man who re-sets the agenda for a generation. Time will tell.

Posted by Danablankenhorn at June 18, 2003 9:36 PM