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Railroaded out of office?

After suggesting that President Bush had advance knowledge of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center; that he consigned 3000 people to death so his friends in the defense industry might benefit, Representative Cynthia McKinney was rightfully voted out of office.

The problem? Cynthia McKinney never suggested such a thing. What she is guilty of, as reported in Alternet, is being a black Democratic Representative - one willing to question the improper removal of thousands of minorities from Florida’s voter rolls in the months preceding the 2000 Presidential election.

Which begs the question: Are liberal policy makers curbing their criticism of the President for fear of being forced out of office? While I can only speculate, this would help explain the relative lack of meaningful opposition toward the President and his administration.

And it certainly doesn't bode well for Democrats in the coming 2004 election. In the face of what happened to McKinney, how can we prevent current officeholders from burying their head's in the sand?

Note: Link to Alternet story found via MetaFilter.

Posted by dce at June 18, 2003 5:01 PM