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This Washington Post Article has some good background info on for those not familar. It also talks about the real ($$$) power they've got and how it could really help those candidates without a strong national fund raising base (Howard Dean, anyone?). He seems to be the only candidate that's notice the MoveOn primary. They've certainly done best job so far using the internet to organize.

His campaign manager, Joe Trippi, is getting pretty excited about the possiblities.

A "mature Internet," he says, could be the link that earlier insurgent candidates missed. "If Gary Hart had had the Internet in 1984, you have to wonder if Mondale would have won the nomination," says Trippi, who worked for Mondale that year. "Hart had no way to raise the money to go national after he won New Hampshire and had to compete immediately in a nationwide Super Tuesday."

And people seem to think that MoveOn could be a real source of money for the candidate they choose.

"If Dean has their support and wins Iowa," says one longtime liberal strategist who's no Dean partisan, "what people don't realize is that MoveOn could get him $30 million in the next two days."

Posted by rschroed at June 18, 2003 1:51 PM