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A Conservative Blogosphere?

This old news keeps resonating in the weblog world. We are told by conservative webloggers that the new media, the Internet, is interactive, and allows for free thought and free speech that isnt controlled by the (supposedly) liberal mainstream media. Therefore conservative voices that are usually squelched are able to dominate. I think this right wing blog reinforces my point. Spin is still spin.

Actually, I think the Internet allows the choir to preach to itself and conservative webloggers only think they have dominance in the new media. Because they its so, it must be true (dribbling sarcasm). This is a reflection of not only the political world but the world in general. People tend to hang out with people who think like themselves. Put enough people who think alike in a room, and pretty soon it looks like everyone thinks like you do. If you don't or can't dialog with people who don't think the same, how can anyone believe they know what's going on in the world?

I think my conjecture is borne out by the paucity of post on the right column of Watchblog. Editors for the blue and green column have posted on some issues that I though for sure would get a return column on the Right. Is this because all the conservative webloggers are only talking to themselves rather taking part in the discussion?

Posted by grover at June 18, 2003 12:56 PM