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NYTimes changes headline to remove mention of G.O.P. Convention

Seems that the fine folks over at the NY Times are up to their shenanigans again and this time it’s rewriting the titles of their articles. Thankfully, the good folks over at the Memory Hole were there to capture thisThe NY Times just can’t seem to keep its nose clean, can it? Now they are accused of altering the title and content of one of their articles to remove references to the G.O.P. Convention. I’d heard about this the other day but wasn’t sure until I saw this article on the Memory Hole which includes (scanned) images of the actual print version of the paper as well as screenshots from the Web version (actually it is a screenshot from Google News).

As grover points out in the article Joe Citizen Does Care, it seems like Bush and Company have the media eating right out of their hands and, now that the FCC is allowing media conglomerates to amass complete television markets, is there any way that this could forseeably change? With a little bit of pressure from certain parties, it wouldn't be hard to see that the media, through whatever medium it chooses to rely its information, won't truly be reporting the news but will be interpreting it according to the political goals of the people who control the purse strings. Hopefully, the Democrats will grow some backbone (sometime soon?) and step up to the plate before Joe Citizen loses control and has no means to bring the truth to light.

Posted by huxley75 at June 18, 2003 11:13 AM