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Congressional Democrats Fight Back

This article from The Hill details some of the methods House Democrats are beginning to use against the Republican majority. The judicial appointment filibuster in the Senate has been well publicized, but so far the action taken in the House has earned very little of the limelight. Democrats are being pushed to take unusual actions by a GOP majority intent on keeping debate as one-sided as possible. Though not everyone on the left is necessarily happy about this course of events, most seem to understand the necessity of it:

Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.) said,’I am an institutionalist. I intensely dislike using some of those means, but we are left with no choice.’

Some of the tactics Obey has been experimenting with are detailed in this E. J. Dionne Jr. article from the Washington Post. Essentially, Obey is putting the publicly stated principles of the GOP to the test by proposing amendments to appropriations bills to restore funding to traditional GOP items: military benefits and homeland security, while paying for the increases with slight decreases to the proposed top bracket tax cuts.

These tactics, these actions in the House deserve more media attention. The GOP agenda clearly has hidden priorities. Would the crew of the Abraham Lincoln have been so thrilled to see the President, if they knew that tax cuts for the extremely wealthy were more important to him than improved barracks for their families? If Democrats want to even the odds in Congress, they need to push issues like this into the spotlight. The Democrats need to get back to their core issues, talk to the middle-class voter about things that matter to him and her. Be honest, both about Democratic ideals, and about the things the current leadership has done for the country.

Posted by crutan at June 18, 2003 10:51 AM