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Bush Took a Fall for Big Oil?

While my knock on Bush for falling off a Segway may have hit below the belt a little, USA Today’s Kevin Maney questions whether Bush’s spill was intentional—done as a means of descrediting the device whould could pose a possible threat to the likes of ExxonMobile, ChevronTexaco, Halliburton, etc.

While a little tongue in cheek, the column does draw some interesting parallels to the introduction to cars a hundred years ago. As a president who clearly favors the interests of the oil and energy industries over the interests of the environment, one does have to ponder the Bush administration’s reaction to such a device.

As the article points out, the Segway is inexpensive to operate, much better for the environment, and can move about as fast as city automobile traffic in congested downtowns.

While today's Segway may not be entirely practical, what with it's lack of protection from the elements, its lack of storage, and it's limited range the first automobiles were equally limited in their utility. But within a couple decades they were the primary mode of transport.

Posted by blipsman at June 18, 2003 10:35 AM