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Joe Citizen Does Care

Stephen, I can understand your frustration (Re: Third Party Blog: “Joe Citizen Doesn’t Care”). Don’t get discouraged and for heavens sake don’t get so cynical to think that the tide can’t be turned.

A while back Bill (you know, the Big Dog) said that when people are scared they will follow someone who is “wrong and strong” instead of someone who is “weak and right”. He’s right (again)! Bush’s handlers have puffed him up to Superman proportions and are trying to make us believe he is right. So far, Karl and Ari are doing just that.

I think people do care, but they are scared and want to feel secure. Dubya makes them feel like he can make the world safe for them. He can make us feel safe for the short term and today is what most people care about. The only future he’s worried about is his own political one.

But there’s a method to his administrations madness.

Why doesn't Bush and his hyperbole and rhetoric get exposed? I feel it's because we're in a constant media and information overload. Who can keep up with all the news and figure out what's real and true? A prime example is all the various and sundry reasons for going to war in Iraq. If one hyped reason wasn't good enough, well, here's five more. His administration is doing a great job of feeding us half truths and they keep coming so fast that we can't keep up with everything that is going on. I mean who can keep up with all the excuses for the war, the tax cuts, the economy, terrorism, and everything that comes at us every day.

It's classic bait and switch, slight of hand and political alchemy. They're keeping us so baffled with bs that we don't know what to believe so we believe what makes us feel good. Think of the mushroom syndrome. They're so good at keeping the real news covered up (like deficits, Middle East quagmire, lack of jobs, etc) that we see and hear only what the bought and paid for media is allowed to broadcast. Bush has the mass media eating out of his hand and the Dems message is lost in his cowboy rhetoric. I think the Bushies are laughing up their sleeves at how they have put one over on us.

The Democrats message must be not only that the Emperor has no clothes, but they must have their own positive and passionate message. I think people respond to honesty and passion. Or they buy whatever they perceive to be honesty and passion. Bush has one out of two. The Dems are sorely lacking in message and passion.

Don't blame the US public for being duped, blame the opposition for not being STRONG as well as RIGHT.

Posted by grover at June 17, 2003 4:08 PM