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Americans Clueless About Facts of War

Despite the constant media coverage of terrorism, the war in Iraq, etc. many Americans fail to grasp even the basic facts.

Accoring to Philadelphia Inquirer, one third of Americans believe that weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, and 22% believe that WMDs were actually used in during Gulf War II.

But how can the facts and perception be so different?

One main reason is the oversimplification of the issues as explained by the Bush Administration. Vague inferences to intelligence about WMDs and connections between al Qaeda terrorists and the Iraqi regime.

The article explains:
"Several analysts said the murky claims and intelligence data about lethal weapons and terrorist ties allowed most people to see such news through the filter of their own political beliefs."

Additionally, with much of the news media taking a conservative point of view on the issues while claiming to be unbiased (FoxNews), many viewers take these biased statements as fact.

So how can the public make educated decisions about the future politcal direction of the country when they don't even know the facts surrounding the recent major issues? How can we accurately guage citizens' support or disapproval of an issue, when they may be making their judgement on misinformation or biased views portrayed as fact?

Posted by blipsman at June 16, 2003 3:16 PM