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Patriot Act II Criticized by All

As John Ashcroft pushes the so-called Patriot Act II he is finding resistance to the bill coming not only from the left, but coming from the right as well.

Highlights from the Patriot Act II include giving the Justice Department the ability to wiretap suspects without a warrant for up to 15 days; federal agents could secretly arrest people and provide no information to their family, the media or their attorney until charges are brought, no matter how long that took; and it would allow the government to strip Americans of their citizenship for even unknowingly helping a group that is connected to an organization deemed to be terrorist.

“I believe the (Justice) Department and Congress must be vigilant toward short-term gains which ultimately may cause long-term harm to the spirit of liberty and equality which animate the American character,” Sensenbrenner (R, WI) said.

Luckily the issue appears to be taking a backseat with GWB, but I’m a bit worried about the possibilities of it returning to the forefront if GWB is reelected.

Posted by joestump at June 13, 2003 2:12 PM