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A Lie for a Lie

A recent post to Right Wing News suggest Democrats are guilty of lying about Iraq’s WMD as well. Listed are several quotes of high ranking Democrats who stated that it was clear Iraq had WMD and was violating UN regulations.

The absurdity of such a claim can hardly be covered in a single column. The reality is that the Democrats are only guilty of believing the intelligence spoon fed to them by the Republican administration. Because Democratic leaders believed the administration and propagated the administration’s claims does not make them liars.

The reality is that the fire has started and it is only getting hotter for the administration. Come election time the public is going to want answers: Was the war justified? Was intelligence altered? Now that we can’t find the WMD are we in for more war?

My only question is: Who’s taking the fall?

Posted by joestump at June 12, 2003 3:26 PM