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11/20/2018: Americans Are Facing a Workplace Burnout Epidemic
10/30/2018: America is in the Midst of a Rural Housing Crisis
10/04/2018: Prioritizing Patient Centered Care in Today's Healthcare System
09/20/2018: Health Literacy Could Save Billions in Health Care Costs Annually
07/03/2018: To Solve the Healthcare Staff Challenge, We Need More Educators
03/20/2018: ​Why American Healthcare Needs to Focus on Staff Diversity
01/24/2018: ​Cities Band Together to Take On Big Pharma Over The Opioid Crisis
12/18/2017: Educators Argue That Repealing Net Neutrality Could Hurt the American Education System​
11/08/2017: Democrats win some Elections
11/03/2017: ​After Trump Ends DACA, Dreamers Left to Wonder What Comes Next
10/31/2017: Radical Islamist Terrorism Returns to Manhattan
10/28/2017: The Most Egregious Leak Yet
09/26/2017: Physicians Come Out In Support of Democratic Single-Payer Plan​
09/03/2017: North Korea detonates 6th nuclear weapon
08/13/2017: The Right Unites in Charlottesville
08/08/2017: Democratic Party Chooses to Back Pro Life Candidates, Stirring Controversy
07/20/2017: As U.S. Life Expectancy Wavers, Experts Call for Greater Emphasis on Public Health
07/18/2017: The Nation Comes First
06/23/2017: Pretend Nothing Is Wrong.
06/02/2017: The Challenges of Being a Woman in the Political Sphere
06/01/2017: MI5 Investigating Its Own Alleged 'Failures' In Manchester
05/29/2017: Remembering our Fallen Heroes
05/26/2017: Corbyn: If We Support Terrorists There Will Be Terrorism
05/25/2017: Manchester Bombing 'Leaks': Prime Minister May 'Confronts' Trump
05/17/2017: Better Late than Never
05/16/2017: Donald Trump Damages Intelligence Sharing Relationship
05/11/2017: Obamacare Repeal Bill Lacks Public Support In Poll
05/09/2017: Trump Fires Comey On Way to Firing Self
05/06/2017: First Female Chief Usher Dismissed By Trump
05/04/2017: Why Title IX Protections Are More Necessary Than Ever
05/02/2017: Fox News Harassment and Discrimination Saga Continues
04/25/2017: Michael Flynn broke the law
04/11/2017: A Legend No-One Knows
04/07/2017: Syria 'Sarin' Attack: 5 Reasons for a more Cautious Response
04/05/2017: Kendall Jenner Pepsi Protest Commercial Is Distasteful and Tone Deaf
04/04/2017: Bill O'Reilly Sexual Harassment Allegations: Advertisers Flee Fox News
04/04/2017: Senator: Possible Trump Impeachment Undermines Supreme Court Nominee
04/03/2017: Overwhelm: Trump's Best Weapon
03/30/2017: America Wants Stupid People
03/28/2017: Deep Hurting! Deep Hurting!
03/27/2017: The Embrace of Damnation, or, The Faustian Cheeto
03/26/2017: If You Think Things Are Hot Now...
03/24/2017: Deliver the Goods
03/24/2017: What Lesson Are Our Kids Learning?
03/23/2017: If The Shoe Fits, Trump Will Put It In His Mouth
03/22/2017: Why We Still Need to Fight for Women's Health Care
03/08/2017: Why We Need to Pay Attention to Women's Incarceration
03/08/2017: Wherein I Literally Expect Serious Behavior From My President
03/06/2017: Snoitasucca Sdrawkcab
03/03/2017: It's Too Complicated!
03/02/2017: There Won't Be Dancing In The Streets
02/28/2017: Trump's Singing The 'Nomination Blues'
02/24/2017: A Bowl Of Confusion
02/22/2017: Russians, Russians, Who's Got The Russians?
02/21/2017: When it Comes to Antisemitism, the Third Time is the Charm
02/20/2017: The Donald's Gift Of Diversion
02/15/2017: What Are the Possible Setbacks for Mental Healthcare If the Affordable Care Act Is Repealed?
02/13/2017: Michael Flynn Resigns
02/11/2017: Somebody Slept Through Their Own Revolution.
02/02/2017: Both your President and your Precedent
01/30/2017: The Monday Night Massacre
01/28/2017: DAESH celebrates propaganda coup
01/24/2017: Will The Russian Hacking Scandal Ever Cease?
01/23/2017: The Trump Tsunami: The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword
01/20/2017: The Inauguration of Donald Trump, the Biggest Show on Earth
01/12/2017: Congratulations Joe Biden!
12/19/2016: Higher Education Dilemmas to Continue under a Trump Presidency
12/12/2016: What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Global Oil Prices?
12/10/2016: The Minesweeper World
12/08/2016: What Could Possibly Go Wrong When People Take Charge Who Don't Know What They Are Doing?
12/07/2016: Google: We Will Be 100 Percent Green By 2017
12/07/2016: Marijuana Use Ingrained In NBA Culture Says NY Knicks President
11/28/2016: A Stupid Accusation or a Stupid Crime Just Took Place.
11/23/2016: Aging Baby Boomers: a Growing Concern for the U.S. Healthcare Field
11/22/2016: The Sugarcoats 1: No Peace with the Alt-Right
11/19/2016: Pay to Play: Trump Edition
11/13/2016: An Amateur Cognitive Theorist's Perspective on Trump
11/12/2016: Hate Crimes spike in wake of election
11/11/2016: Trump is not Hitler (yet)
11/09/2016: John Pilger Warns of America-China Cold War in New Documentary
11/09/2016: My Condolences to the GOP
11/08/2016: Recreational Marijuana is also on the Ballot Today
11/07/2016: Refusing To Concede: Trump Could Go To Supreme Court
11/07/2016: Donald Trump: The Candidate of Bankruptcy
11/06/2016: FBI completes review of Weiner emails
11/04/2016: Melanija Knavs: Illegal Immigrant
10/30/2016: A Watchblog survey: Do you trust James Comey?
10/23/2016: DAESH on the run
10/17/2016: Don't Say It Unless You Mean It
10/12/2016: Trump's Reverse Sex Scandal
10/12/2016: Higher Education, Workforce Shortages, and the Devaluation of the Liberal Arts
10/10/2016: Trump ends his campaign to be President
10/10/2016: Trump Reluctant to Deny He Sexually Assaults Women
10/08/2016: Law & Order Hypocrisy Part II
10/04/2016: NY Attorney General Goes After Trump Foundation
10/02/2016: Leaked Tax Return suggests Trump among Romney's 47%
09/30/2016: Recent Revelations Expose Law & Order Hypocrisy
09/27/2016: Trump Flubs First Debate
09/23/2016: New Hearing In Steven Avery Case Requested: Evidence To Be Retested
09/23/2016: Female Officer Formally Charged In Crutcher Shooting Death