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03/11/2015: "Corruption of Blood," and other Constitutional Sins
03/09/2015: Selma: 50 Years Later
02/17/2015: Pick Your Words And Pick Your Battles
02/05/2015: Starting From A Foundation
01/11/2015: Hate, Fear, and Racism in American Politics
01/10/2015: Mitt Romney 3.0?
01/08/2015: Charlie Habdo, The Interview, and The Courage of our Convictions
01/07/2015: That's Real Cute, Governor Otter
01/01/2015: Happy New Year: 2015!
12/16/2014: Thank you President Romney for 2014 being best year for job gains since 1999
12/11/2014: Pride in its Two Senses
12/09/2014: Senate Releases Torture Report
11/22/2014: GOP vindicates administration on Benghazi allegations
11/20/2014: Obama Strikes Back on Immigration
11/15/2014: Obfuscation and the Stupidity of Americans
11/06/2014: Narratives Succeed Easier Than Realities
11/04/2014: A Personal Pride in Citizenship
10/17/2014: The Raw Edge of The Break
10/16/2014: Indigenous People's Day or Columbus Day?
10/03/2014: A Philosophy of Courage
10/01/2014: Obama's Semper Latte Salute
09/29/2014: Senator Pearce Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth
09/13/2014: The Tabloid Age
09/10/2014: Michigan Governor's Race Proves Politics Is All About Perception
08/20/2014: George W. Bush Calls on Bill Clinton for #ALSIceBucketChallenge
07/23/2014: The Hypocrisy and Contradiction of Today's Right
07/18/2014: Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Rape Culture
07/16/2014: About me/Refugees or Illegals?
06/13/2014: Ah, that's gratitude for ya.
06/05/2014: Dependence and The Long Range Bet of Climate Change
05/19/2014: A Revolting Failure
04/22/2014: Twenty Sigma: Chaos and Order in American Governance.
04/17/2014: WatchBlog Joins Social Media! Like, Follow & Share with Us!
03/26/2014: Hope is Optional. Change isn't.
03/10/2014: Public Sector Still Slowing Job Gains
02/04/2014: America Contradicts Itself, For it Contains Multitudes
01/23/2014: Republicans and Boiling Water on the Stove
01/10/2014: December Jobs A Disapointment, Unemployment Shrinks
01/09/2014: The Right-Wing Atmosphere of Failure
12/20/2013: The War on Christmas... Spirit!
12/06/2013: More Jobs For November, Unemployment Declines to 7.0%
11/21/2013: Critical Mass On the Nuclear Option
11/19/2013: Critics Still Complaining About the September 2012 Jobs Report
11/17/2013: The Party of Denial
11/15/2013: Sorry. Out of Panic Here. Afraid I'll Have To Grow a Spine.
11/08/2013: Decent growth for October jobs
11/06/2013: You As Well: The GOP's Hypocrisy About Political Honesty
10/23/2013: Deus Ex Machina
10/22/2013: Better Late Than Never: BLS Releases September Numbers
10/17/2013: The Dynamics of Failure
10/15/2013: The Betrayal of a Mandate
10/13/2013: Remember the Children?
10/10/2013: This Trap Snares Those Who Lay It, Too
10/07/2013: The Republican Contempt of Public Reasoning
09/30/2013: Everybody Looks Bad. Congratulations.
09/23/2013: Political Junk Food
09/17/2013: Street Smarts, Point-Scoring, and Penny Ante Bets
09/13/2013: The Decision of Two Lifetimes
09/06/2013: August Adds More Jobs, Unemployment Declines Slightly
08/29/2013: Alpha Wolves and The Price of Constant Combat
08/15/2013: "We're going to stomp Obama now."
08/02/2013: July Sees More Jobs, Unemployment Drops Again
07/30/2013: Necessary Conditions
07/24/2013: Thanks for Nothing?
07/15/2013: The Dog Catches the Car
07/11/2013: The Worst Leader in the Senate is Not Harry Reid.
07/08/2013: If Right to Keep It Right, If Wrong to Set It Right.
07/05/2013: Job Growth Stronger In June, April and May Revised Upward
06/27/2013: Supreme Court rules in crucial cases regarding homosexual marriage
06/21/2013: The Hastert Rule
06/18/2013: Late Term Abortion Banned
06/07/2013: May Jobs Stay Above Concensus
05/23/2013: The Hobgoblins of Small Minds
05/21/2013: America Unites with Moore, Okalahoma in Our Thoughts
05/10/2013: Benghazigate Investigation Continues
05/03/2013: Decent Job Report Adds To Six Months of Decent Growth
04/25/2013: Agreement in Abstract
04/25/2013: Is this the Sign of the Stock Market Collapse?
04/22/2013: Boston Bomber: Enemy Combatant vs. Criminal Trial
04/15/2013: Patriots' Day explosions
04/15/2013: The Marathon Bombings: The Work of Hypocrites
04/05/2013: Job Growth Disapoints, But Continues Moving Forward
04/04/2013: Sacrificial Elements and the Keystone XL Pipeline
04/02/2013: Should it be surprising I like Democrats and Liberals more?
03/26/2013: Homosexual Marriage debated at the Supreme Court
03/23/2013: Senate Passes Budget Resolution
03/14/2013: The Unpainted Corner
03/08/2013: Unemployment At Four Year Low After Good February Job Growth
03/03/2013: Far From Enough...
02/24/2013: Bad Sign: Choosing the Battlefield, Losing Anyway
02/14/2013: Advise and Consent, or Prepare To Cripple Yourselves.
02/11/2013: The Relativistic Nature of Victory
02/04/2013: Hillary Clinton in 2016?
02/01/2013: January Jobs Caps Off President Obama's First Term
01/30/2013: Spending Cuts Blamed For Economic Slowdown
01/25/2013: Phase Change: The Price of Political Overreach
01/21/2013: Number 44, Part 2: Still About Economy
01/19/2013: End of the Hastert rule?
01/14/2013: Terminal Stupidity
01/09/2013: Three Votes, One Problem