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03/06/2012: The Unbearable Rightness of Being
03/06/2012: Whoever Wins Most Today Won't Gain Much Ground in Delegates
03/04/2012: Recession Unlikely Before Election
03/01/2012: Logic Is Sometimes Hard
03/01/2012: RIP Andrew Breitbart
03/01/2012: Parties Work Best When Folks Are Invited Into Them
02/28/2012: Busy Day For Romney, Santorum, and Democrats?
02/26/2012: Looking over the Horizon
02/22/2012: We Drilled, Baby, We Drilled, and It Ain't Getting Cheaper!
02/14/2012: No Reason For Republicans To Worry About the Primary
02/13/2012: Obama Springs the Trap
02/12/2012: Diktat of the Obama Administration? The Law of the Land Since 2000.
02/10/2012: You Can't Expect People Not to Notice.
02/08/2012: Possible Flat Labor Force Participation Rate Growth For 2012
02/08/2012: Santorum Makes Bigger Splash Than Romney Wanted
02/07/2012: The Measure of Right and Wrong By Rivalry
02/06/2012: The Decline into Irrelevance of the Evangelical Right
02/03/2012: January Jobs Report Decent, December and November Also Revised Upward
01/31/2012: Hope Has Been More Than a Word
01/31/2012: The B Word
01/30/2012: Me to Allen West: I'm Staying Put, Mister.
01/29/2012: A Vision of the Future in the Dream of the 90's
01/27/2012: The Benefits of Space Exploration
01/24/2012: What About The Animals?
01/23/2012: Solid South Carolina Win Gives Florida Bounce For Gingrich
01/21/2012: Gingrich Leads Going Into South Carolina But There's Room For a Romney Upset
01/19/2012: Gingrich Makes South Carolina a Fight
01/19/2012: Republicans Can't Admit Truth About Economy
01/13/2012: Romney Not Getting South Carolina Bounce...Yet
01/13/2012: Romney Adding Value... In the Caymen Islands
01/11/2012: Willard smiles because "That Was Easy"! Or was it?
01/09/2012: Some In The Media Are Looking For New Hampshire Drama, But Won't Find It
01/08/2012: Power Grab? Republicans Grabbed First.
01/06/2012: Seasonal Hires Boosts December Jobs Report, Caps Off Year
01/04/2012: Ta Daaa! GOP Anybody-But-Romney Crowd claps for Nitwit the Clown!
01/04/2012: President Obama Wins Iowa
01/02/2012: How Iowa Might Impact GOP Candidates
01/01/2012: "If Only...", and The Uncomfortable Truth of Democracy
12/30/2011: 2012 Predictions
12/21/2011: Republicans Sling Stones at Paul
12/19/2011: Newt Gingrich Has Officially Joined The Flavor of the Month Club
12/15/2011: The End of The Iraq War
12/05/2011: Will Cain Endorsement Help or Hurt Gingrich?
12/03/2011: Herman Cain Done, Now Who Gets What Little Support He Had Left?
12/02/2011: Latest BLS Numbers Sure To Draw Cries Of Manipulation
11/29/2011: Self-Parody and Its Discontents
11/27/2011: President Obama's Weekly Address Enrages The Fanatical Right
11/18/2011: Housing Still Hurting
11/17/2011: Right Wing Media Lazy In Treatment of Obama Statement
11/16/2011: Attacks on Newt Begin?
11/15/2011: If Mitt, Herman, or Newt Can't, Maybe Ron Can
11/14/2011: Embrace the Newtmentum!
11/14/2011: Now Cain Has Lost My Vote For Sure
11/13/2011: Rebuilding the Obama Base
11/11/2011: The Republican Yorkshire deflates
11/07/2011: Breaking: Undecided leads GOP field!
11/06/2011: One World, No Matter How Many Parties You Count.
11/06/2011: Comparing Reagan and Obama on Approval and Unemployment
11/04/2011: Recession Still Not Here, Sorry Republicans.
11/03/2011: A Life Lesson in Problem Solving
11/01/2011: Capitalism Can Be Its Own Victim
10/31/2011: Back in the clown car, Herman!
10/27/2011: The Economy is coming on strong
10/25/2011: I Got Your Bad Loans Right Here
10/20/2011: The New Face of Warfare
10/19/2011: Bye-Bye, GOP Candidates. We Hardly Knew Ye.
10/18/2011: Humanity at its worst: The LRA and Rush Limbaugh
10/09/2011: A Compelling Theory That Is Wrong
10/06/2011: Occupying Wall Street
09/28/2011: Never Mind My Complete Contempt For You...
09/27/2011: Many a Truth is Told in Jest
09/19/2011: Uncertainty Still Being Blamed, Evidence To Contrary Still Being Ignored
09/18/2011: Rick The Self-Cooking Frog
09/13/2011: Small Businesses Still Struggling With Sales, Time To Pass American Jobs Act
09/08/2011: Divided we fall
09/08/2011: Hoffa, Poor Voters, and the Lucky Duckies
09/02/2011: August BLS Numbers Show Results of Debt Ceiling Battle
09/01/2011: The Sins I Cannot Forgive
08/26/2011: Eric Cantor: Victim of the Hobgoblin of Small Minds
08/23/2011: Fractal Expense and Big Disasters
08/18/2011: The Imminent Fall of Muammar Gaddafi
08/16/2011: Behaving Like a President
08/14/2011: Fools Still Falling For Gold
08/13/2011: Perry ignores Iowa Crazy-Off contest, will march to an even more different drummer!
08/13/2011: Beware The Boston Shuffler
08/12/2011: Conservatives Still Telling Lies About Health Care Bill
08/11/2011: More Evidence the TEA Party GOP is Out of Touch
08/05/2011: The Republicans Borrowed Trouble On America's Credit
08/05/2011: July Job Numbers Are Weak, But Beat Expectations
08/02/2011: Intial Scoring of Debt Ceiling Deal Is Good News
08/01/2011: Debt Deal Will Ensure Economy Lives, But Puts It On Life Support
07/29/2011: Slowing Economy Adds Fuel To Debt Limit Fire
07/26/2011: True Belief In A False Theory of Economic Growth Is Dangerous
07/26/2011: Is A U.S. Credit Downgrade Inevitable?
07/24/2011: Let My Country Go.
07/24/2011: Republicans Won't Spin Away A Default
07/21/2011: Is the Bachmann Migraine Story Really Just Sexism?
07/20/2011: The Unseriousness of the GOP
07/18/2011: This is why we can't have nice things.
07/16/2011: The Only Way
07/15/2011: The Only Way To Win This Game Is Not To Play
07/15/2011: Breaking Down The GOP Field On the Debt Ceiling
07/13/2011: CA-36 Remains Blue, Now What?
07/08/2011: Debate Over Jobs Brings Up Key Questions
07/07/2011: The Day Before June BLS Figures, Conservatives Prepare To Spin
07/04/2011: The Fourth Stands for Equality
07/03/2011: Obama's Bull Market- The Economy is Roaring to Life!
07/02/2011: Ann Coulter Dishes, But Does Not Take It.
06/30/2011: Can You Unite if You're So Far Right?
06/30/2011: If It Worked, There Might Be A Point.
06/28/2011: Flake announces GOP candidacy; Democrats Rejoice
06/27/2011: You can't cut your way to prosperity
06/15/2011: What's Rep. Issa Afraid Of?
06/12/2011: When no one can stand upon their own base
06/09/2011: A Slight Correction That May Be of Interest
06/06/2011: On the Fine Art of Being Wrong In the Right Way
06/03/2011: Call It By It's True Name: BreitbartGate
06/02/2011: The GOP Presidential Field: They Might Not Be Giants
05/31/2011: Obsessed with Abortion
05/28/2011: My Reponse to Tim Pawlenty, Long and Short
05/16/2011: Vote for Boring Government: Vote for Democrats
05/11/2011: Having Your Divisive Cake and Eating It, Too
05/01/2011: Bin Laden Dead
04/25/2011: Why is this still a controversy?
04/21/2011: We'll Own Ours, You Own Yours
04/20/2011: Happy 4/20!
04/19/2011: One Bite at a Time
04/13/2011: Getting a Running Start
04/11/2011: We're Not Bankrupt Yet...
03/31/2011: Hollywood Stevie Says Don't Try To Make Pies Into Cakes.
03/23/2011: The GOP Applies The Brakes On an Uphill Climb
03/18/2011: Sticking Yourself Between a Rock and a Hard Place
03/14/2011: Radical Indifference to the Truth
02/26/2011: The Republicans Lead the Charge Into the Wilderness
02/23/2011: Tension Dynamics and The Critical Threshold
02/22/2011: Wanted: A Few Good Writers
02/20/2011: Governor Rick Scott Strikes A Blow For Prescription Drug Abuse!
02/18/2011: The GOP's Fiscal Policy: Denial
02/13/2011: Bad Capitalists Vs. Socialists: The Fight Republicans Want To Have.
02/11/2011: Congratulations to the People of Egypt
01/31/2011: America First?
01/18/2011: Job-Killing Tax Cuts and Deregulation.
01/16/2011: The Wolves Can Starve
01/11/2011: Etching the Pathways
01/08/2011: Whoever it turns out is responsible...
01/04/2011: The New Political Contest
12/29/2010: Cutting Deficit vs. Cutting Government
12/28/2010: A Change That Is Difficult To Reconcile With Fiscal Prudence
12/24/2010: The Underrated Obama
12/23/2010: Half A Deficit-Reducing Policy is None at All.
12/22/2010: We Help Our Heroes, We Don't Cheap Out On Them
12/19/2010: Liberals Don't Understands Obama
12/15/2010: The Republican Message
12/11/2010: I am an Obama Liberal
12/02/2010: Boehner Voted to Increase Taxes
11/29/2010: Republican Foreign Policy
11/26/2010: Principle 3: Politics Should Not Be Conducted By Seance
11/25/2010: Principle 2: Politics Is Only A Means To An End.
11/23/2010: Republicans Against the Fed
11/22/2010: Republican Change Is Here
11/19/2010: Principle 1: Watch and Take Notice
11/19/2010: Republicans are Enemies of Middle Class
11/14/2010: Worth Dying For
11/13/2010: Deficit Commission Report Needs Balance
11/08/2010: A Message to Eric Cantor
11/05/2010: Where Are the Jobs?
11/03/2010: Most of the Time, I don't source Daily Kos...
11/01/2010: There are No Funny Little Graphs Without Jaggies.
10/31/2010: After the Shouting
10/30/2010: Tangled Hierarchies
10/28/2010: Is it safe to support the Nazi apologist now?
10/24/2010: "I’d like you to close down because all of your birds are half dead."
10/20/2010: The Operative Question on Corruption
10/19/2010: Basic Qualfications
10/18/2010: Joe Miller believes in freedom. Just ask the handcuffed reporter.
10/16/2010: The Most Hopeful Event of the 21st Century
10/06/2010: Why Health Insurers Support GOP
10/06/2010: Why Stimulate? Here's Why.
09/29/2010: Pity is Their Defense for Fraud
09/28/2010: Where is the Change?
09/26/2010: Ideas Tested to Destruction- Updated, With Correction
09/24/2010: Deficit-Reduction Republicans
09/23/2010: Healthcare Reform: A Video Explanation.
09/21/2010: The Camel and the Gorilla
09/20/2010: Values Voter Values
09/19/2010: The Dead Well and the Ongoing Quest for Sanity in American Policy
09/18/2010: Hate to tell you, Newt, but somebody beat you to the punch.
09/17/2010: Republican Candidates Demonstrate Their Level of Intelligence and Sanity
09/14/2010: How Does it Feel to be a Hostage?
09/14/2010: Shorter Mitch McConnell: The Rich are Too Poor, Help them!
09/07/2010: The Republicans: Competitors, Not Saviors
09/06/2010: The Contrast: Republicans vs. Democrats
09/05/2010: The Republican "Plan"
09/03/2010: Worse than Gridlock
08/28/2010: Glenn Beck: Moocher of Historic Significance
08/26/2010: Obama-Instigated Change
08/25/2010: Republicans Seek Social Security Privatization
08/22/2010: LTCM and Frontline's The Warning: Crash and Burn
08/18/2010: America Ends Combat Mission in Iraq
08/17/2010: A Mosque as a Mask for Intolerance
08/15/2010: It's None Of Our Business.
08/11/2010: The Theory of Relativity is about Speed and Energy...
08/09/2010: Ground Zero Reconciliation
08/06/2010: We've been Googled!
08/05/2010: America's Birthright of Freedom
08/03/2010: Angry Republicans
07/31/2010: Five Reasons The Republican Majority Remains Lost
07/28/2010: Judge Grants Injunction Against Arizona Law
07/27/2010: Fifty-Seven Should Win.
07/23/2010: A Lesson in Democracy
07/21/2010: If you're driving the bus...
07/17/2010: The Republican Agenda
07/15/2010: Wall Street Reform Passes.
07/11/2010: Republicans are Worried about the Deficit?
07/08/2010: Corporate Corruption of Washington
07/05/2010: Welfare for Big Oil; Not for People
07/01/2010: Read My Lips: No New Ideas
06/30/2010: Democrats Are Killing the Ants!
06/29/2010: Obama, the New FDR
06/26/2010: Spending to Reduce the Deficit
06/23/2010: Ah, Hypocrisy... How Refreshing!
06/18/2010: The Shakedown
06/16/2010: Fixing our Democracy
06/15/2010: Gather Your Armies? No, Get Your History Straight
06/11/2010: Political Problem Number 1: Money
06/10/2010: News To The Republicans: BP is NOT Too Big Too Fail
06/07/2010: Dirty-Energy-Industry Welfare
06/02/2010: Going Forward or Going Backward
05/30/2010: The Balrog of the Depths
05/29/2010: When Will "Limited Government" "Take Over"?
05/25/2010: Where Did Our Deficits Come From?
05/21/2010: Rand Paul: The Tea Party Libertarian
05/19/2010: Anti-Incumbent (Republican) Mood
05/15/2010: Ruled by 6 Bankers
05/12/2010: Elena Kagan and Justice for All
05/06/2010: The Tea Party is Toxic to Republicans
05/05/2010: The Deadly Sin: America Can't Afford Despair
05/04/2010: The Climate Chu Chu Train
05/04/2010: See! The Right Wing Defeat! Mustache Twirling Democrats!
04/28/2010: Obama's World of Cooperation
04/27/2010: Arizona's State-Sponsored Racism
04/26/2010: The New Republican Slogan: Filibuster it!
04/23/2010: Remember This, Republicans!
04/23/2010: Why do Republicans Love Chickens?
04/19/2010: The Lies Lay Like Landmines: America's Need for Reform
04/16/2010: Five Financial Monsters Strangulate Economy
04/13/2010: The government is going to come and take your guns...
04/12/2010: Science and Technology Links for Week of April 12, 2010
04/11/2010: Replace Pessimism with Optimism
04/09/2010: What are Republicans in Favor of?
04/08/2010: It is true.
04/05/2010: Who Wants a Bipartisan Bill Now?
04/01/2010: No sense in avoiding the Census!
03/30/2010: Lawyers with Pre-existing Conditions
03/26/2010: Break Up the Big Banks
03/24/2010: Want to Write for This Column?
03/22/2010: Advice to Republicans
03/22/2010: A Small Step Forward
03/18/2010: Healthcare Reform By The Numbers.
03/17/2010: What Drives Republicans?
03/16/2010: Deem and Pass: Majority Rules Upheld
03/13/2010: Science and Technology Links for the Week of March 8, 2010
03/12/2010: Republican or Democrat; Neither For Me, Thanks!
03/11/2010: Straighten This Out For Me
03/10/2010: It's All Part of the Plan...
03/06/2010: Science and Technology Links for Week of March 1st
03/03/2010: Sen. Bunning's Bravely Crass Selfishness
03/03/2010: Strict Consumer Protection or Nothing
03/02/2010: Republicans Don't Understand Obama
02/27/2010: The Blank Sheet of Entitlement
02/26/2010: Let's Start All Over
02/25/2010: Where Did All the Tax Cuts Go?
02/17/2010: Previous GOP: Stimulus Failed; GOP Now: Phony Boom!
02/15/2010: Prosperity for Rich; Depression for Poor
02/12/2010: Poll: Republicans Need To Meet Everybody Else Halfway
02/09/2010: Science And Technology Links 2-8-2010
02/07/2010: A Tale From Tomorrow.
02/05/2010: Naked Republican Power
02/04/2010: Republicans Fighting for Financial Bums
02/03/2010: A Display of Astounding Ignorance
02/03/2010: FBI Gets Further Information Out of Mirandized Xmas Bomber
02/02/2010: Bonuses for Economy Destroyers
01/29/2010: General Motors for President
01/29/2010: Come on! This should be a No-Brainer.
01/26/2010: Sold, Sold, Sold to the Corporations
01/20/2010: Weak or Strong, Mr. President?
01/20/2010: The Articles of Confederation, and Why Congress Has Majority Rule.
01/19/2010: War & Peace: America’s Helpful Dichotomy
01/19/2010: One Hundred and Seventy Six
01/14/2010: Let Me Exploit the Disaster in Haiti...
01/13/2010: Could it be..... SATAN!?!?!?!
01/12/2010: Republicans: You Go Too Far! Public: Majority Says No.
01/11/2010: Harry Reid's Comment was Inappropriate.
01/07/2010: Improving Economy by Legalizing Undocumented
01/04/2010: National Insecurity
12/30/2009: We, the People, Are Too Big to Fail
12/29/2009: An Open Letter to KOS
12/18/2009: Parts for The Next Decade
12/17/2009: We Must Break-up Too-Big-to-Fail Firms
12/15/2009: Those Who Do Not Remember History...
12/13/2009: A New Political Compass
12/12/2009: Free Market Hypocrites
12/11/2009: We Are A Failing State: How Do We Turn This Around?
12/09/2009: Who Runs the Government?
12/02/2009: The Bush Decision/The Obama Decision
12/01/2009: Response To Afghan Speech
11/30/2009: How to Invest in Jobs
11/24/2009: What is your "Yes?"
11/23/2009: Complaining Unlimited
11/23/2009: Finally: the RNC is Pro-Choice!
11/22/2009: Accountability
11/16/2009: A Response to "Armed and Dangerous"
11/15/2009: Get The Rope, It's Lynchin' Time
11/14/2009: Affirming American Justice
11/09/2009: Will we abandon our principles over the Fort Hood massacre?
11/06/2009: My Glenn-Beckian Rant
11/05/2009: Election Results: Pundits Got it Wrong
11/05/2009: Nope. Sorry. Still Sane.
11/01/2009: Goldman Sachs Bet Against it's Own Risky Products
10/26/2009: The Opt-Out Backlash
10/23/2009: Financial Tables are Turned
10/22/2009: Grab the Mop, Hold the Bucket, or Keep off the Floor
10/22/2009: Seniors: It’s just a business decision
10/12/2009: Will Repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Help Obama?
10/12/2009: It Sucks, He Sucks, Everything Just Sucks!
10/10/2009: A Reinvogorated America
10/08/2009: Centrist (sensible) Health Care Ideas
10/06/2009: Governor Bobby Jindal for Health Reform
10/05/2009: A Hypothetical Extrapolation
10/02/2009: Who Lost Chicago?
10/02/2009: A Losing Proposition
09/30/2009: Trillions & Trillions
09/29/2009: The Rules Do Apply
09/28/2009: Don't say the racism and hatemongering is all in the Liberal mind!
09/27/2009: Do We Need the Public Option?
09/22/2009: Newtonian Reformats
09/17/2009: Need Afghanistan Exit Strategy
09/14/2009: "JFK" and The Political Theatre of Conspiracy Theory
09/14/2009: Tort Reform: Look at the shiny object!
09/13/2009: Playing For Pink Slips
09/09/2009: President Obama’s Health Care Address to Congress
09/09/2009: Lies, Damned Lies, And Stati... Actually, Not Even Statistics, Just More Lies
09/07/2009: Government for Sale
09/07/2009: Penny-wise, Pound-Foolish
09/06/2009: Go Back To School.
09/02/2009: Flimsy Frames
09/01/2009: Why Do They Do This To You? You Let Them Get Away With It.
08/31/2009: Where’s the old Dick and what have you done with him?
08/30/2009: National Insurance Exchange is the Key
08/26/2009: Fear Has Its Reasons
08/21/2009: Obama’s Post-Partisan Pipe Dream
08/20/2009: Actual Details: The Republican's Political Triumph Over Their Own Lies
08/19/2009: It takes two to tango. In other news, Republicans not on dance floor.
08/18/2009: The Conservative Conflagration
08/16/2009: Mmm, Fresh Baked Tort
08/14/2009: Say It With Me: Three Percent.
08/13/2009: Burned By The Stupid: The Republican Party and "Death Panels"
08/12/2009: Is It Socialism They Fear, Or The Boogeyman?
08/11/2009: Because 10% is Enough
08/07/2009: Stakeholders: Sotomayor's Confirmation, and the Ties that Bind Society.
08/05/2009: Scare Tactics and Rhetoric, Just What the Doctor Ordered
08/04/2009: Theft By Deception
08/03/2009: Anti-Insurance
07/29/2009: It Only Gets Worse From Here...
07/26/2009: Forty Nine Million, Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine Thousand, Nine Hundred And Ninety Nine.
07/24/2009: Risky Experiments?
07/22/2009: Cockamamie Conspiracies and Crazy Crackpots
07/19/2009: Healthcare Now or Never
07/18/2009: Smiling Brokers, System Broken, Workers Broke
07/16/2009: You Bug The Hell Out Of Me
07/13/2009: Bush the Decide…Uh, Push-asider?
07/11/2009: Barney Frank "Disappointed" in Banks
07/09/2009: The Party of Nothing
07/06/2009: Counterintuitive and Clever Can Be Two Different Things
07/05/2009: Choice and Competition
07/05/2009: Why Democrats Will Be Sad To See The Back Of Sarah Palin
07/02/2009: Carbongate?
06/29/2009: Green Concrete
06/25/2009: Team America, &#$% Yeah!
06/25/2009: Mark Sanford's Worst Infidelity
06/23/2009: Run for the Hills, It's the Moderates!
06/22/2009: Tehran Tea Parties
06/20/2009: The myth of America’s private health care system
06/19/2009: Dished Out, But Not Taken.
06/17/2009: Obama’s Same-Sex Dilemma
06/16/2009: Iranians Are People Too
06/15/2009: No Public Option, No Reform
06/11/2009: Rush Limbaugh: Failure At Any Cost
06/06/2009: Why Do You Care?
06/02/2009: Pro-Life Killers
05/31/2009: Sotomayor: She's no Harriet Miers but...
05/30/2009: The Bub And The Shrub
05/28/2009: The Interesting New Concept Of Reverse Racism, As Advocated By A Racist
05/24/2009: Anyone For A Little Torture?
05/22/2009: Christians Are Really More Likely To Torture?
05/21/2009: Completely Gutless
05/20/2009: GOP and Ideas: Put Up, or Shut Up
05/18/2009: A Question of Political Pelosi Dynamics.
05/17/2009: The Best Republican for the Job
05/14/2009: Some Friendly Advice
05/11/2009: The Torturous Strange Loop That is Cheney
05/09/2009: StressTest? Would you feel healthy?
05/05/2009: Multinational Tax Loopholes
05/04/2009: Judgment Call
05/03/2009: GOP: The party of Fernando Lamas
04/28/2009: Bi-partisan Healthcare
04/28/2009: Specter switches sides
04/27/2009: Forget Galt. Who in Their Right Mind Thinks They're Atlas?
04/23/2009: Tough Questioning
04/20/2009: People Unclear On The Situation
04/19/2009: Tortured Americans
04/18/2009: If At First You Don't Secede, Try, Try again!
04/09/2009: They're coming to take them away, ha, ha!
04/06/2009: Tortured Republicans
04/03/2009: Revisionist Electioneering
04/02/2009: Butterfly Nets Need to Be Put on Order.
03/31/2009: Market Control
03/30/2009: Why
03/27/2009: Changiness has come
03/27/2009: Optics Without Substance
03/25/2009: Afghanistan - The "Good" War?
03/20/2009: Deflation, Not Deficit Spending, Is The Real Threat.
03/20/2009: What to do with toxic coal ash?
03/19/2009: The Laissez-Faire Song
03/18/2009: Arlen Specter and the tranparency gap
03/15/2009: How Much Has AIG Cost You Personally So Far?
03/14/2009: Government By Policy vs. Government by Slogan
03/13/2009: Obama's New Deal
03/13/2009: The Free Market: What's The Real Debate Here?
03/10/2009: Crisis and Opportunity
03/09/2009: Don't Think Things Are Bad? You're Not Paying Attention.
03/07/2009: The Republican's Agenda of Fiscal Political Correctness
03/05/2009: Where IS the Bottom of the Economy?
03/04/2009: Freedom - Two Views
03/03/2009: How's This for a New Tax?
02/28/2009: The Rush Limbaugh Party
02/27/2009: Mulligans and the Northern Trust Bank
02/26/2009: Think Before You Speak.
02/23/2009: Book Review: The Tyranny of Bad Ideas, by Matt Miller
02/22/2009: Nationalize This!
02/20/2009: Earning Vs. Cheating
02/19/2009: Bailout for GM?
02/15/2009: No Retreat, No Surrender, Just a lot of Friendly Fire
02/14/2009: The Economic Crisis is a Security Threat
02/13/2009: Bank Potentates
02/10/2009: You Think The Stimulus Package Is Expensive?
02/08/2009: We Must Help the States
02/07/2009: The Politics of Decay
02/06/2009: Define Stimulus
02/03/2009: They Brought This on Themselves...
02/02/2009: Financial Tycoons
02/02/2009: If This Is Their Plan, I'm All For It.
01/31/2009: Bonuses? Really?
01/30/2009: The GOP Needs More than Miracles.
01/29/2009: Help the Borrower
01/27/2009: Gitmo: The Right Fight, The Wrong Way
01/25/2009: Economic "Stimulus" Considerations
01/24/2009: Turning the Page on Torture
01/23/2009: Withdraw Lynn's Nomination
01/22/2009: His Success is Our Success
01/20/2009: What a Future!
01/20/2009: A More Perfect Union
01/17/2009: Small is Good
01/16/2009: Nineteen and Twenty
01/15/2009: Israel, Palestine, and a Personal Conflict
01/13/2009: Clean Coal?
01/05/2009: Borrowing to Correct Excessive Borrowing?
12/23/2008: A Measure of Prosperity
12/20/2008: Parting Shots: The Bush Administration’s Assault on Women’s Health Care
12/19/2008: Why Rick Warren?
12/19/2008: What Message is Obama Sending with Rick Warren?
12/16/2008: Organic Farming: Remedy to Global Warming
12/14/2008: Republicans Should Hide Their Heads In Shame
12/14/2008: The Six-Degrees of Separation of Blagojevich
12/12/2008: Morons.
12/11/2008: Solving the Energy Problem
12/10/2008: Where Is Bush?
12/09/2008: The Troll Under the Bridge Loans: Corporate Profit-Taking and Executive Compensation
12/08/2008: Restoring Worker Rights
12/02/2008: Climate-Change Rival
12/01/2008: The Mythology That Backs Bad Policy
11/30/2008: President MIA
11/26/2008: Invest, Don't Bail Out
11/22/2008: Save the U.S. Auto Industry?
11/21/2008: What's in the Box?
11/19/2008: Obama, Our Climate-Change Leader
11/16/2008: Wall Street's Heart Of Darkness
11/13/2008: The Bright Side of a Depression
11/12/2008: The Liberation of the GOP, The Responsibility of The Democrats
11/11/2008: Too Big
11/10/2008: My Winners and Losers of 2008 Election
11/08/2008: Can a Campaign Become a Movement, or at Least an Engaged Citizenry?
11/06/2008: Solving Our Economic Problems
11/05/2008: Barack Obama, the Terrorism Slayer
11/04/2008: The Next President of the United States is Barack Obama
11/03/2008: Who IS a 'Real American?'
11/02/2008: Why is Obama Proud of America?
10/31/2008: Workin' that Maverick Magic
10/31/2008: How low can we go? Photoshop and Campaign Attacks
10/30/2008: Who's Buying?
10/30/2008: Obama's Message To America
10/27/2008: What's an American Company?
10/27/2008: Some Quick Points...
10/25/2008: They Say, "It's The Economy, Stupid." Is it?
10/22/2008: Barack Obama: Elitism or the Condemnation of Intellect?
10/20/2008: Where my party is just as wrong as the GOP
10/19/2008: Republicans and Voter Turnout
10/17/2008: What Problem Does Sarah Palin Have With America?
10/16/2008: Senate: looking ahead & party balance
10/16/2008: Dreams From My Father: Impressions of the Memoir
10/14/2008: McCain’s Own Frankenstein Creature
10/13/2008: Fires Are Harder To Put Out Than They Are To Start
10/11/2008: 84, 83, 24, or Why the Fannie Mae Charge is a lie.
10/10/2008: Unity of Thought, Unity of Purpose
10/09/2008: ACORN Republican Voter Registration Fraud
10/08/2008: The Anatomy of Poor Regulation
10/08/2008: You're Not My Friend, And I'm Not Yours
10/07/2008: Economic Globlization and Speculation Coming Home to Roost
10/04/2008: Change of Subject
10/04/2008: There May Be Truth in the McCain-Palin "Maverick" Claim
10/02/2008: Strange Bedfellows & the Other Vote
10/01/2008: Fear of a Black Lady
09/30/2008: "If he's driving the car, get off the sidewalk!"
09/29/2008: Where’s Sarah Palin?
09/27/2008: Is This a Free Country???
09/26/2008: The Non-Suspension Suspension
09/24/2008: McCain suspending his campaign
09/24/2008: A Simple Solution
09/23/2008: Innocence Matters!
09/22/2008: Bailout or Power Grab?
09/21/2008: No Bailout Without Safeguards
09/19/2008: From 'Mortgage Crisis' to 'Economic Meltdown'
09/19/2008: Having a hard time
09/17/2008: Republicans: Socialists for the Rich
09/16/2008: I was wrong!!!
09/16/2008: The Simple Message of our Nation's Complexity
09/15/2008: Being Partisan without Partisan Blinders
09/11/2008: September 11 - Seven Years On
09/11/2008: McCain, a New Name for Cynicism
09/11/2008: Politics Western New York Style
09/10/2008: What is up with the swollen lymph node on John McCain's face?
09/10/2008: The McCain Campaign's Plan: Selling You The Stupid
09/09/2008: Another Deregulation Disaster
09/08/2008: Where Have All The Moral Values Gone?
09/08/2008: Sarah Palin: Washington Republican's Latest Fraud
09/07/2008: Sarah Palin - Who cares!
09/06/2008: I Promise: This Is Not About Sarah Palin.
09/06/2008: Should Women Control Their Own Body?
09/05/2008: A Sea Of Whiteness
09/04/2008: Why Sarah Palin is Getting Hammered
09/03/2008: Sarah Palin Is A Russian Spy
09/02/2008: The Spin-Talk Express: First stop Alaska
09/01/2008: Hookers and Blow, That's All You need to Know...
08/30/2008: Palin By Comparison
08/29/2008: McCain Insults Women
08/29/2008: Barack's celebrity: It's just code
08/29/2008: The Democrats Hit a Homerun
08/27/2008: I'm tired of Faux patriotic Republicans
08/27/2008: McCain Campaign: Unclear on the Concept of Endorsement
08/26/2008: Jim Leach On Our Troubled Times
08/26/2008: Reality Check On McCain's Rhetoric
08/24/2008: John McCain – Foreign Policy Cowboy
08/23/2008: The Corporatist Media Bias in Favor of Corporatist Candidates
08/23/2008: The Ticket: Obama/Biden = Change/Experience?
08/21/2008: McCain's definition of rich: i'll ask my staff
08/20/2008: Who is Stephen Harper?
08/19/2008: McCain, the Truth & Plagiarism
08/18/2008: Why Should People Be Afraid of the Left Wing Fringe?
08/15/2008: Obama Nation: a work of fiction
08/14/2008: I'm baaaaack!
08/13/2008: War Games
08/11/2008: The latest innocent victim of Bush's Economy: Our Pets
08/10/2008: Iraq Should Pay - Right, Left, Wrong
08/06/2008: McCain's Energy Gaffe
08/05/2008: I've Got A Sense of Humor. I'm No Prude. I'm No Snob.
08/05/2008: Dueling Tax Plans
08/04/2008: The Obama Voter Registration Drive was a Success.
08/03/2008: Grace Under Pressure in Politics: Who's The Real Agent of Change?
07/26/2008: Our Apology
06/29/2008: Tired of Being Lied To
06/28/2008: White House: Facts only get in the way
06/27/2008: Your Articles Could Appear Here.
06/25/2008: October Surprise
06/25/2008: High Gas Prices, a Blessing
06/23/2008: Democracy in Middle East: Bringing Big oil to Iraq
06/19/2008: FISA Cave-In
06/17/2008: Disaster Capitalism on a Grand Scale
06/15/2008: Wise Up, Suckers
06/13/2008: What is missing from the "Bush Lied People Died" Senate Report???
06/13/2008: Politics on Substance: The Value of Doing Your Homework
06/12/2008: High Court Still Supreme
06/11/2008: Obama's Urban Policy
06/09/2008: John & Barack: Bypass the Media Filter!
06/04/2008: The Promise
06/04/2008: Obama's Luck Is America's Opportunity
06/03/2008: Right's Politics of Division
05/31/2008: Find a Hero
05/31/2008: The Liberal Press and more Myths
05/30/2008: End Our Rogue Nation Status!
05/28/2008: McClellan: Inside the Bush Propaganda Machine
05/23/2008: McCain is Champion of our Troops?
05/21/2008: The Black Side of McCain
05/18/2008: Elitism
05/16/2008: Nuclear Dilemma
05/15/2008: The Repubs as usual lie to us.
05/14/2008: Dumb Demographics
05/13/2008: How to Grow Tragedies - Myanmar
05/12/2008: A New Tax Proposal
05/09/2008: Losing His Mind
05/05/2008: Race Dialogue
05/05/2008: Cheney Pushes the Boundaries - Again
05/04/2008: Obama's Supporters Think Highly of Him. His Rivals Say, Make It Stop!
05/02/2008: The Free Market for Agribusiness
05/02/2008: Are We Gullible Enough?
04/30/2008: Initiatives in our Republic & Dignity in Death
04/30/2008: Just Say No: Boycott the media
04/29/2008: Wright Boosts Obama
04/25/2008: Opposition to Tyranny
04/24/2008: I'm For It and Against It
04/22/2008: Food Carbon Footprints
04/21/2008: A League of Democracies
04/19/2008: Conflict of Interest: Contractors and Lobbyists Sent to Sell the War to the Public.
04/17/2008: Gotcha Politics
04/16/2008: Motor Voter Act: How voters are bureaucratically disenfranchised
04/15/2008: Bitter-Sweet
04/11/2008: Obama Integrity
04/10/2008: Bush the Compulsive Gambler
04/08/2008: Do You Know McCain?
04/07/2008: Recipe for Catastrophe: Climate, Fuel, and Food
04/02/2008: Prejudice against Muslims
03/28/2008: Iraqi Infighting
03/26/2008: Our bad! Please give back our nose cones
03/24/2008: The So-called Liberal Press
03/24/2008: What Exactly IS "The Audacity of Hope?"
03/20/2008: Economic Meltdown and Crony Capitalism
03/19/2008: What if...the US didn't invade Iraq?
03/19/2008: Point of View
03/18/2008: Winter Soldiers Ignored
03/18/2008: So long, farewell...
03/17/2008: Bailout Time
03/14/2008: Is the Surge Over?
03/14/2008: Market Principals and Healthcare.
03/12/2008: We Don't Need Energy Independence
03/10/2008: Republicans Join the Guilt By Assocation
03/07/2008: Hillary Clinton and Col. Nicholson
03/06/2008: Clinton & Obama: a Team?
03/05/2008: Judgment??? or... Experience???
03/04/2008: Adventures In Texas Caucusing
03/03/2008: Telecom Immunity
02/29/2008: The Politics of Fear
02/28/2008: US To Turkey: Submit Timeline For Defeat
02/27/2008: Cool Obama
02/25/2008: Self Reliance
02/25/2008: Economy Anyone?
02/23/2008: Why No Questions about Climate Change?
02/22/2008: McCain, and The Love Affair He Really Wants to Hide.
02/22/2008: Cross-Ideological Appeal
02/19/2008: Democratic Socialism makes People Happy
02/19/2008: Guilty Until Proven Innocent
02/18/2008: Straight-Talking McCain
02/18/2008: Notes from the Obama Campaign in Ohio
02/14/2008: Central Ironies and Collosal Collateral ClusterFlubs
02/14/2008: Obamacom
02/13/2008: Eight Arguments Against Hillary Clinton
02/11/2008: Bush and McCain Together
02/11/2008: An open letter to the super-delegates
02/09/2008: Back to the Israeli Bombing of Syria
02/08/2008: Are Biofuels Good or Bad for Fighting Climate Change?
02/07/2008: Tortured Republican Values
02/07/2008: Sorting out Superdelegates
02/07/2008: Bush budget 09: Making our skies less safe
02/04/2008: Justify the Screwup
02/04/2008: Obama Has Already Won
02/04/2008: Erica Jong Accidentally Endorses Obama
02/03/2008: Three Left Standing
02/02/2008: Yes. We. Can.
01/31/2008: Cagey Mukasey
01/31/2008: Turning the Corner, or Going Around In Circles?
01/28/2008: Obama the Uplifter
01/27/2008: The Clintons Get Owned
01/25/2008: No Telecom Immunity
01/23/2008: Free Market Republicans Favor Government Boost
01/23/2008: Our Crazy Primaries
01/22/2008: Bill vs. Barack
01/20/2008: Harmful Stimulants
01/19/2008: The Great Coming Together and the Phantasm of Democracy
01/17/2008: Covering your tracks the White House way
01/14/2008: The Evolving World
01/10/2008: The Surge is Working
01/09/2008: Heck, Make It An Even Hundred
01/09/2008: Flawes (1963/ 2003 The Intelligence Wars)
01/08/2008: Now Everybody is for Change
01/07/2008: A score to bet your life on: medFICO
01/05/2008: Oil Increases Hit More than Gasoline Prices
01/05/2008: A Blowout
01/04/2008: Obama's Victory is America's Victory
01/04/2008: Hey, Republicans: Bring On Mike Huckabee! (Please?)
01/02/2008: Sole Military Superpower
01/02/2008: On Being Balls Out for Obama
12/31/2007: Parties, Primaries, & Presidential Politics
12/31/2007: What Kind of Country Are We?
12/29/2007: Number Eight
12/27/2007: Bhutto - a "liberal" - assassinated
12/23/2007: National Health Care Solution?
12/22/2007: Play it again George
12/21/2007: Bush's Private War
12/21/2007: Secret equals public (at least for visitor logs)
12/19/2007: Republican Boom
12/19/2007: In the Way
12/18/2007: Another Reason to Support Obama
12/18/2007: Stop Something! Start Something!
12/17/2007: Romney: Tax Havens are Perfectly Legal
12/15/2007: Rules? We don't need no stinking rules
12/13/2007: In Bali, U.S. Will Not Lead
12/12/2007: Firemen Spying on Americans?
12/12/2007: The Candidates, the Issues, and You
12/10/2007: Gore's Nobel Prize
12/07/2007: Republicans Obstruct Climate Change Action
12/07/2007: One Way to Lose A War
12/06/2007: Romney, Out-Bushing Bush
12/06/2007: Sunshine State Meltdown
12/05/2007: We Need a Bali Success
12/05/2007: Spare Me the "Shock" About Credit Card Rates
12/04/2007: Warmongering at It's Finest and Most Troublesome
12/04/2007: Good News, And World War III
12/03/2007: Attacking Climate Change
11/30/2007: Washington Post Reports the News?
11/30/2007: Theft of Our Airwaves
11/28/2007: A Non-Corn-Based Politics
11/27/2007: Bush's Bash
11/26/2007: Nothing But Grandstanding
11/24/2007: Salt in every soldier’s wound
11/23/2007: Is Impeachment Still Off the Table Pelosi?
11/21/2007: Growing Obfuscation of the Bombing of Syria
11/21/2007: Primary Obligations
11/20/2007: The Politics of Personal Destruction.
11/20/2007: Every Child Ahead
11/20/2007: Bush Implicated in Plame Cover-up
11/19/2007: Best Case Scenario: A Thirty Year Mortgage On Iraq
11/18/2007: Pakistan Struggles Instructive and Frightening
11/16/2007: The Problem with Unresticted Spying on Your Own Citizens
11/14/2007: Troy Davis, Justice, & the Death Penalty
11/13/2007: Does Success Now Mean Success Later?
11/09/2007: Wiretapping Companies: I did what I was told
11/09/2007: "Produces Unreliable Information"
11/08/2007: Why Should Equity Managers Pay Less Taxes?
11/08/2007: We Are All Socialists!
11/08/2007: Democratic Dream Team
11/08/2007: Here is Why They Hate Us
11/07/2007: Oh, The Irony
11/06/2007: I Want a Subsidy
11/05/2007: Who Bombed Syria? Did Syria Get Bombed?
11/03/2007: Bush and his Cousin Vlad III the Impaler
11/02/2007: Diplomacy in Iraq
11/02/2007: A Litany Of Democratic Failures... By A Democrat
11/01/2007: So Waterboarding is Repugnant?
10/31/2007: Is She For It or Against it?
10/30/2007: It's Easy to Stop the War
10/30/2007: Lessons Unlearned
10/30/2007: Pure Self-Interest... Shucks, It Makes Me Feel Good
10/29/2007: Finding Solutions, Not Blame
10/26/2007: Warmongering Diplomacy
10/24/2007: Protecting You from Global Warming
10/24/2007: Enjoy The Show
10/22/2007: The Free Market
10/22/2007: Mercs in a Corporate World
10/21/2007: Right-Wing Nobel Freakout
10/18/2007: Say NO to Mukasey
10/17/2007: Bush Honors Dalai Lama
10/17/2007: Cheney's law: a look into the mind of a madman
10/16/2007: The Republican Way
10/16/2007: For Sale At Knockdown Price: Presidency of the United States
10/15/2007: BEFORE-9/11 Spying
10/14/2007: TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08 Exercises
10/10/2007: It's the message... stupid.
10/09/2007: Disruptive Lenses
10/08/2007: A Minimum Of 27 Pieces Of Religious Flair, Please
10/08/2007: Rudy's Punches Fail to Land
10/06/2007: The Key Line in Understanding the Fight Over CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program)
10/05/2007: Blackwater Lawlessness
10/03/2007: Cooking with Burma's Gas
10/03/2007: The Democrats
10/03/2007: Veto Number Four
10/02/2007: Two Ways to Stop the War
09/29/2007: Fed Up With Cowardice and Duplicity
09/28/2007: Who's in Favor of Children's Health?
09/27/2007: The Republican Tent is Torn
09/27/2007: Find Your G.W.T. Score
09/22/2007: Outrage on Cue: Republicans and their Defensiveness Policy
09/21/2007: Fade to blackwater
09/19/2007: Obama for Fairer Taxes
09/18/2007: John McCain vs the Constitution
09/18/2007: The Brilliant Petraeus
09/17/2007: Attorney General Appointments and Disappointments
09/17/2007: The Science and Politics of Humanity
09/16/2007: Very Bloody Oil
09/14/2007: Mountaintop Pillage
09/13/2007: Politically Polarized Law
09/12/2007: A NEW Attorney General
09/11/2007: Osama is Laughing
09/11/2007: Remembering
09/10/2007: Parsing Petraeus: More of the same
09/09/2007: Petraeus the Salesman
09/07/2007: If We Leave Iraq
09/06/2007: The Non-Patriotic Patriot Act
09/05/2007: Murderous Extremists
09/05/2007: "Never Say Die!", Said the Dead Horse that Wished to be Beaten...
09/05/2007: Seven Hours In Iraq
09/03/2007: Bush Celebrates Labor Day
09/02/2007: What About David Vitter?
08/31/2007: Neoconservative Fight for Democracy
08/31/2007: Diminished Returns
08/30/2007: The GAO-Petraeus-Crocker-Bush Report
08/29/2007: So-called Military Contractors Lean More Towards 'Military' than 'Contractor'
08/29/2007: Stop the Surge Now
08/27/2007: Gonzales resigns...
08/24/2007: The Experts' View on Terror
08/24/2007: Secrecy for Thee, Not for Me!
08/23/2007: A Benchmark Made of Oil
08/23/2007: Save For Being a Tragedy, This Would be Hilarious
08/22/2007: The Radicalism of Rigidity
08/22/2007: Look What We've Done
08/20/2007: Free-Market Cave-in
08/16/2007: Obama Gets It
08/13/2007: Democrats are United
08/13/2007: Does ROVE See that HE is Next in Line to be Thrown Under the Bus?
08/13/2007: Ding dong the Arichtect is Dead: Rove Resigns
08/12/2007: Six for ’06 Revisited
08/11/2007: Emerging Conflict Over the Arctic
08/10/2007: Republicans Love Clinton?
08/10/2007: This Is Your Nation. This Your Nation on Credit. CRACK! Sizzle. Any Questions?
08/08/2007: Energy Diplomacy
08/08/2007: Help Us Obama-One Kenobi... You're Our Only Hope
08/07/2007: Nine Angry Old White Men Up Early
08/06/2007: Don't Explain the Problem; Just Cut Taxes
08/06/2007: Things Republicans Don’t Believe In
08/06/2007: Still doing a heck of job, Bushie
08/05/2007: Experience over Observation
08/05/2007: Madness And Some Sanity
08/03/2007: Five Questions With Benjamin Orbach
08/02/2007: The War We Need to Win
08/01/2007: Collapse of Infrastructure
07/31/2007: Witch Hunt, Eh.
07/31/2007: Save SCHIP for Children's Sakes
07/29/2007: Friend or Foe Business Is Business
07/27/2007: Why Wouldn't We Talk?
07/26/2007: Refusal to Testify - Hubris or Cover-up?
07/26/2007: Experience vs. Change
07/26/2007: Contempt
07/25/2007: Squash the Farm Bill
07/25/2007: The Democrats are all wrong: make them say 'yes'!
07/24/2007: Jonah Goldberg's Compassion
07/24/2007: You Tubing Democrats
07/23/2007: Republicans Worry about Child Care
07/22/2007: No Truth
07/19/2007: Chop Off Head of Snake
07/19/2007: Republicans are correct about one thing
07/18/2007: Bush Intelligence and Intelligence
07/18/2007: General Nonsense
07/18/2007: They're All the Same Guy
07/16/2007: What is a Filibuster?
07/16/2007: Hot Rodding Your Prius For Votes And Giggles
07/14/2007: The Forest or the Trees?
07/13/2007: Another wasted opportunity
07/12/2007: Nation of Lawyers
07/11/2007: Administration-Job Requirements
07/11/2007: Buzz Bombs
07/10/2007: Democracy Keeps America Safe
07/09/2007: The Subtle Genius of Al Gore
07/08/2007: The Birth of a New Environmental Movement?
07/06/2007: The Republicans Can’t Win
07/06/2007: A Sad Anniversary
07/06/2007: Criminals Are Stupid
07/05/2007: Multinationals Fight Democracy
07/04/2007: No, Mr. Dershowitz
07/03/2007: King George and Republican Law
07/02/2007: Libby's Sentence Commuted: A Response to the President
06/29/2007: Anti-Free-Market Supreme Court
06/29/2007: Race(ing) Backwards With Boost From SCOTUS
06/29/2007: Republicans Kill Immigration Bill
06/28/2007: Warrantless Wiretapping is a Crime
06/28/2007: Conservatives have to stop accusing us of "hate"
06/27/2007: Levels of Commitment
06/27/2007: Outsourcing Government
06/26/2007: Republican/Democratic Divide: Business vs Worker
06/25/2007: I've Heard that Song Before
06/23/2007: Release of 1973 CIA Investigation - A Strategic Move?
06/22/2007: Super-Wealthy Get the Tax Breaks
06/22/2007: Darth Cheney to Archive agency: Get the #*&$# outta here!
06/21/2007: Republicans Hate Carbon Tax
06/21/2007: Congress is as Unpopular as Ever
06/19/2007: Follow the Signing Statements
06/19/2007: Swine Diaries VI: How to clean your tracks
06/19/2007: The Myth of the Gang of 88
06/18/2007: Wait until September
06/17/2007: They Knew. Lies to Cover a Rogue Administration
06/16/2007: Surprise, Surprise!
06/14/2007: Let Saudi Arabia Do It
06/14/2007: Show Some Guts
06/13/2007: How to Influence Political Candidates
06/12/2007: Justice?
06/12/2007: I Love Paris.
06/11/2007: Instead of G-8 Why Not G-X?
06/11/2007: I Don't Heart Huckabee
06/09/2007: Immigration and Business
06/08/2007: Iraq - Teetering on the Edge
06/08/2007: Stop Dingell & Boucher Now
06/07/2007: Energy Independence vs. Green Energy
06/07/2007: God Help The Atheist Politician
06/06/2007: The Useful J-Curve
06/06/2007: Caging The Black Vote
06/05/2007: Climate Change Leadership
06/05/2007: Stop-Loss: Bush's Ugly Draft
06/05/2007: Scooter going to jail
06/04/2007: New Thinking to Combat Climate Change
06/04/2007: Judgment Deferred, The Consequences Remain
06/04/2007: Democratic Debate On CNN
06/02/2007: Dem's Iraq Plan In Action
06/01/2007: Barack Obama's Health Plan
05/31/2007: Where Are The Conservatives?
05/31/2007: Just Say 'No!' to Coal
05/30/2007: Education: Kryptonite To Republicans?
05/29/2007: Hastening the Cataclysm
05/29/2007: Cindy is right; it IS up to us.
05/28/2007: Preemption for War; Not for Climate Change
05/26/2007: Human Lives - Collateral Damage to A Political Calculus
05/25/2007: Hillary Clinton's Health Plan
05/24/2007: Democrats Won? NO, WE LOST
05/24/2007: GOP Keeps Their Iraq War
05/23/2007: The Inimitable Art of Political Fundraising
05/22/2007: Richardson's Energy Revolution
05/22/2007: How Bush Is Controlling Oil Prices.
05/21/2007: Democratic Stoning
05/18/2007: Human Beings Are Not Illegal !
05/18/2007: Some Good Stuff... Mostly
05/17/2007: End-around politcs
05/17/2007: Secret Trade Deals
05/16/2007: Shame on You CBS
05/16/2007: Bush Above The Law
05/16/2007: Ten Angry Old White Guys On FOX
05/15/2007: Bush's Approach to Climate Change
05/15/2007: The Answer is Yes
05/14/2007: Benchmark Farce
05/14/2007: The Consequences of a Globalized, Industrialized Food Supply
05/11/2007: Character Issues
05/10/2007: Do We Need Coal?
05/10/2007: Seventy-One Failures, Plus One, Equals Seventy-Two
05/09/2007: Democratic Ideas
05/08/2007: Netroots Phantasy
05/07/2007: Healthcare Plans are Proliferating
05/06/2007: The Boomers' War
05/05/2007: Stabilizing Greenhouse Earth
05/04/2007: Success in Iraq?
05/04/2007: Now we're talkin'! Democats chest-thumping 101
05/04/2007: GOP and GOD
05/04/2007: No Middle East Beachheads
05/03/2007: Heal, Do Not Proselytize
05/03/2007: Nobody Can Win
05/02/2007: Don't Open The Box
05/02/2007: Democrats: Don't Be Timid!
05/02/2007: Iraq-nam Accomplished
05/01/2007: Wasn't Asked, Didn't Tell
05/01/2007: No Benchmarks Either
05/01/2007: Kucinich is right - Cheney must go
04/30/2007: Changing Course
04/30/2007: Republican Priorities
04/30/2007: Open Letter to Harry Reid
04/29/2007: Oversight
04/27/2007: Democratic Debate #1
04/27/2007: A metaphor for Iraq: Mississippi Mayor Melton
04/26/2007: A Black Cloud Over Iraq
04/26/2007: Department of Obstruction of Justice
04/25/2007: Giuliani: Bush's Disciple
04/25/2007: Food Contamination - A Much Larger Set of Problems
04/24/2007: Obama's World
04/23/2007: Gonzales and Justice
04/23/2007: Democrats Think; Republicans Feel.
04/20/2007: Abortion is Still Legal
04/20/2007: Trying To Make Sense In Aftermath Of Sensless Virginia Tech Shootings
04/19/2007: Wolfowitz: A Danger to Poor Countries
04/18/2007: Robots in Politics
04/18/2007: Why Do Women Even Think About Voting Republican?
04/17/2007: Gwen Ifill Takes a Stand
04/17/2007: Clinton On Government Reform
04/16/2007: Halting "Hell and High Water"
04/16/2007: Another tragic school shooting
04/15/2007: What Happened To Imus
04/14/2007: Gonzales preparing for the performance of his life
04/14/2007: China Interferes In Sudan
04/13/2007: Voter-Fraud Fraud
04/13/2007: EPA Action: Tardy, not Premature
04/12/2007: 5 Million Emails in 18 Minutes
04/12/2007: The 2008 Polls Don't Mean Jack
04/11/2007: All Hail The Liberal Media!
04/10/2007: Straightforward Immigration Reform
04/10/2007: Baghdad Today
04/09/2007: Robertson and His Fifth-Column Theocrats
04/09/2007: Homeownership: now a liberal issue?
04/08/2007: Alright, I have heard enough.
04/07/2007: Give Me The Real Reason
04/07/2007: The Privateers: Outsourcing U.S. Sovereignty
04/07/2007: Bring Me the Head of Alberto Gonzales!
04/06/2007: Who's Afraid of a Pelosi Visit?
04/06/2007: Brits Confessed To Everything Just Like Khalid Sheik Mohamed
04/05/2007: Multinational Corporations and Democracy
04/05/2007: It's springtime; the monarchy must be in bloom
04/05/2007: Deal With It
04/04/2007: President Bush: The New Environmentalist
04/04/2007: The Democrat's Budget
04/03/2007: The Energy Electranet
04/03/2007: The GOP Confederacy
04/03/2007: Bush's War
04/02/2007: Two Economies
04/01/2007: Celluloid Scapegoats
03/30/2007: Fair Trade, Not Free Trade
03/29/2007: Two Systems of Justice
03/28/2007: A Hand of Friendship
03/28/2007: Abolish the Patriot Act
03/27/2007: A Tax Swap for Your Health
03/27/2007: Donkeys Packing Heat
03/26/2007: "War on Terror" Mantra
03/24/2007: Undocumented workers and the war effort
03/24/2007: What's the Big Secret?
03/23/2007: Republican Architect Boosts Democrats
03/23/2007: Executive Privilege
03/22/2007: Global Warming and the Stock Market
03/22/2007: Sound Familiar?
03/21/2007: Wrong again! Advisors should testify
03/20/2007: Who's the Enemy at Home?
03/20/2007: A March for the Message of Peace
03/19/2007: Not at Discretion of President
03/19/2007: Unhappy Anniversary
03/19/2007: The Iraq Error: Role of the Senate
03/18/2007: Everybody Looks Bad on YouTube
03/17/2007: Accepting Failure
03/16/2007: Plame Answers Republican Lies
03/16/2007: Overshooting Global Warming Into An Ice Age?
03/15/2007: The Looming Illegal Immigration Catastrophe
03/15/2007: Gonzales Gotta Go
03/14/2007: Budging Bush
03/14/2007: Flying the private skies: Profit over safety
03/12/2007: Ava Lowery: Youthful Commentator
03/09/2007: Does Bush Believe in the Rule of Law?
03/09/2007: Contractors Write IRS Rules
03/09/2007: Plan For Success
03/08/2007: YOU Can Improve the Media
03/07/2007: Ellison: A Democratic Patriot
03/07/2007: Screw the Wounded
03/06/2007: Coulter: The Siren of Conservatism
03/06/2007: I was wrong!
03/05/2007: Autocratic Corporations Fight Union Card Check
03/05/2007: Kiley and Nicholson need to go NOW!
03/03/2007: North Korea - Wrong Again
03/03/2007: Thank You For Not Getting Nude for Peace
03/03/2007: The Nuclear Option
03/02/2007: Baroody: Safe at any Place
02/28/2007: The Stench at Justice Expands
02/28/2007: Wanted: A Few Good Writers
02/27/2007: Getting Beyond McCain-Feingold
02/27/2007: Who's The Enemy?
02/26/2007: Innocence Shouldn't Be Partisan
02/24/2007: "Oh what a tangled web..."
02/23/2007: Scooter Libby verdict?
02/20/2007: The Rebirth of the Company Town
02/19/2007: McCain: I Will Force American Women To Breed
02/18/2007: The Character of Climate Change
02/16/2007: Yay! Protest Songs
02/15/2007: The 2003 Iran offer: Bush said no
02/14/2007: Square One In North Korea
02/13/2007: The Voucher Scheme for Healthcare
02/13/2007: Robert Novak's Other Source
02/12/2007: Obama Understands the World Wide Web
02/11/2007: Seek a Different Victory
02/11/2007: Happy Days Are Hear Again? Shakespeare a Prophet?
02/09/2007: The Earth Challenge Prize
02/09/2007: Deliberate Mistakes
02/09/2007: Who do you trust: Libby or Russert?
02/08/2007: Edwards: Being Firm or Giving In?
02/07/2007: The Iraq Debate
02/07/2007: What did I just tell you?
02/07/2007: Scooter
02/06/2007: Evaluating Healthcare Recommendations
02/06/2007: We Don't Need Another Hero
02/05/2007: Budgets Demonstrate Party Differences
02/03/2007: Draw The Line
02/03/2007: Lies and Spin
02/02/2007: Straight Talk
02/02/2007: Troop "surge" numbers are a lie
02/01/2007: ...But Fear Itself
02/01/2007: Iran, Iraq part II
01/31/2007: Energy Savings Accounts
01/31/2007: More Bush Power = More Transparency?
01/30/2007: Killing Habeas Corpus
01/30/2007: The First Cut
01/29/2007: Obama: A Partisanship of Civility
01/27/2007: We Right-of-Center Liberals
01/26/2007: Spheres of Influence
01/26/2007: We're Surging No Matter What You Do
01/25/2007: Defund Iraq-War Mercenaries
01/25/2007: The State of Our Goverment
01/24/2007: The Bush-Pelosi Blow Against Terrorism
01/23/2007: Healthcare as a System
01/23/2007: Opening Salvos: The Libby case heats up.
01/23/2007: Some People May Experience Detonation of the Eyeballs...
01/23/2007: Vote for Woody in ‘08
01/22/2007: Bush's Health Tax
01/19/2007: One-Two Punch Against Global Warming
01/19/2007: Taking Liberties - Spying On Us
01/18/2007: Bush WILL Change Course
01/18/2007: What a difference an election makes
01/17/2007: More About Those Dirty Rats
01/16/2007: Run, Obama, Run
01/16/2007: Iranian Consulate Raid - Spin Zone
01/15/2007: Human Capital Formation
01/15/2007: Tales from the Borderland, Part Eight
01/14/2007: Bush is a Real Cowboy - or Is He?
01/14/2007: So Now You Want to Listen to Critics
01/14/2007: Those Dirty Rats
01/12/2007: The "L" Word
01/12/2007: Oh Victory, Where Art Thou?
01/11/2007: Bush's "New" Plan
01/11/2007: Finally, A Definition Of Victory In Iraq
01/11/2007: You Just Have To Believe
01/10/2007: Oil Companies Ready to Declare Victory
01/09/2007: The Better Strategy: Win One Rather Than Lose Two
01/09/2007: Turn Off the War Escalator
01/09/2007: Dustin Donica: Soldier 3000
01/08/2007: Good News, Bad News
01/07/2007: A new White House cover-up: Log-gate
01/07/2007: Sizing up the 08 Field
01/06/2007: Pay-Go! Pay-Go!
01/05/2007: An Almost Flawless Pelosi Day
01/04/2007: Bush, the Spoiler
01/04/2007: You've Got Mail (The Feds Have Read It)
01/04/2007: Me-Tooism
01/03/2007: Thomas Jefferson: Father of Religious Freedom
01/03/2007: Gas prices and elections: This time it didn't work
01/03/2007: Iran: Sanctions and Response
01/03/2007: Bush Iraq Strategy: Blame The Military
01/02/2007: Freedom of Religion: Best Weapon Against Terrorists
12/31/2006: Might 2008 Reflect 1976?
12/30/2006: The Egalitarian Ideal
12/29/2006: Freedom of Religion: America's Gift to the World
12/28/2006: More Troops Finally... To What End?
12/28/2006: Number-One Syndrome
12/27/2006: Turning-the-Tide Strategy
12/26/2006: Campaign for Understanding
12/26/2006: Are the Pakistanis Serious or Just Going Through the Motions?
12/25/2006: Some Things Dubya May Be Right About
12/24/2006: Is It Always Darkest Before the Dawn?
12/22/2006: Swine Diaries VI: What we wanted to tell you about Iran
12/22/2006: Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
12/21/2006: The Balm of Obama
12/20/2006: Bigger Military or Better Strategy
12/20/2006: Finally, Some Spending Cuts
12/19/2006: Foolish Fear
12/19/2006: Hardliners Having Hard Times
12/17/2006: Defending 'Our Way of Life'
12/16/2006: Bush is Tenacious
12/14/2006: The new tool in the war on the 1st amendment: the subpoena
12/10/2006: Iraq, The Study Group, and Bush's 'Stay the Course'
12/07/2006: "Birds Of A Feather?"
12/06/2006: Obama for President
12/06/2006: Habeas Corpus Restored? Maybe...
12/06/2006: Working Hours
12/05/2006: Heckling Pelosi
12/04/2006: New Era of Sustainable Energy
12/03/2006: Automated Targeting meets Minority Report
12/03/2006: Rated E for Environmentalism
12/01/2006: Switching Off Free Speech
12/01/2006: War In Context
12/01/2006: Ned Lamont Was Mainstream
11/30/2006: Republicans are Still Swifboating
11/30/2006: Blame The Victim
11/29/2006: Transfer Taxing
11/29/2006: There Must Be Limits On What Is Considered Terrorism
11/28/2006: Punish Employee Dumping
11/28/2006: Insurgency + Civil War + Profiteering = Mess
11/27/2006: Dumping Employees
11/25/2006: Ex-Spy Victim of Weapons Grade Polonium
11/22/2006: Democrats Are on the March
11/21/2006: Restoring American Values
11/20/2006: Best Options
11/20/2006: Minority Whip Indeed
11/19/2006: As Big as 1994
11/18/2006: First 100 Hours
11/16/2006: Pelosi, Hip Hip Hooray!
11/15/2006: Open Letter to KOS
11/14/2006: We Need Energy Independence
11/14/2006: One Nation
11/13/2006: Karl Rove is Right
11/13/2006: We Can All Win
11/12/2006: Tales from the Borderlands, Part Seven
11/11/2006: Veterans: Harsh Reality and the Surreal
11/10/2006: Open letter to Senator Debbie Stabenow
11/10/2006: Iraq is Not the Big Problem
11/10/2006: Keep it Simple, Congress
11/09/2006: Democrats Seek Harmony
11/09/2006: Woody's 2006 Senate Review
11/08/2006: Fire Gonzales, Jail Cheney, Impeach Bush!
11/08/2006: I'm Celebrating!
11/08/2006: Failure Analysis
11/08/2006: This wasn’t an election; it was an intervention
11/07/2006: Why The Democrats Haven't Needed a Plan
11/06/2006: Republicans and the Forces of Evil
11/05/2006: Twenty Good Reasons to Vote Republican on Tuesday
11/04/2006: Woody's 2006 Senate Forecast - Final Edition
11/03/2006: Strike the Blow
11/03/2006: Republicans Aiding Insurgents, by.....
11/03/2006: Not spreading the word, the Bush way: State sponsored censorship
11/03/2006: Small Shiny Objects
11/02/2006: Terminating Terrorism
11/02/2006: Destroying Our Forces
11/01/2006: Bush's Last Gasp
11/01/2006: Bush Puts al-Sadr In Charge Of US Troops
11/01/2006: Return to Hybrid Vigor?
10/31/2006: It Looks as if Bush was Right
10/31/2006: Did You Catch the "October Surprise"?
10/30/2006: Karl Rove's Strategy
10/30/2006: Recreational Water Sports With Dick Cheney
10/29/2006: If the House Doesn't Change Hands
10/27/2006: The Scientific Evidence Is In - The Democrats are Correct
10/27/2006: How to Lose War on Terrorism
10/27/2006: President Bush Reserves the Right to Repeat Hurricane Katrina Response
10/27/2006: Republican Mythmaking: The Oreo Incident
10/26/2006: How to Work the Republican Congress
10/26/2006: How low is low? Rush's despicable message.
10/25/2006: Whitehouse Leaning Democratic
10/25/2006: Stay the Course
10/25/2006: The RNC and OBL Work Together to Terrorize Americans
10/24/2006: The Entanglements of Economics
10/24/2006: The Politics of Love
10/23/2006: Obama: A Democratic Star
10/22/2006: Iraq: Still No Good News
10/19/2006: Some things are just wrong
10/19/2006: 'Tis the Season for Swiftboating
10/19/2006: Congressional Scandal #98821: What are you smoking, Curt?
10/19/2006: Elaboration: A Storyteller's Perspective on Strategy and Success
10/18/2006: Democrats Have Won Nothing Yet
10/18/2006: Another Win for the Terrorists Thanks to Bush & Republicans
10/17/2006: Security: Clinton vs. Bush II
10/17/2006: New Sexually Transmitted Disease
10/17/2006: Woody’s 2006 Senate Forecast – Mid-October Update
10/16/2006: The Sorrows of Empire
10/13/2006: It's Not About Foley
10/13/2006: Republicans - Help Me Out - Please
10/12/2006: How to Vote for a Moderate
10/12/2006: Who would want Iran to Have Nukes?
10/10/2006: There's No "War on Terror"
10/10/2006: Americas Safety vs. Incompetent Cronies
10/10/2006: Good Faith Governance
10/09/2006: The Fog of War
10/09/2006: Fighting Evil
10/09/2006: Republican Party to America: We protect pedophiles
10/07/2006: Tales from the Borderlands, Part Six
10/07/2006: Who Gets Nuclear Power?
10/06/2006: Why the Public Clamor?
10/06/2006: Republican Spin Machine and the Pyrrhic Victories
10/05/2006: No Safe Seats
10/04/2006: The Booming/Tanking Economy
10/04/2006: Welcome To The Real World
10/03/2006: The Page Turner
10/02/2006: The Eleventh Commandment
10/01/2006: Woody's 2006 Senate Forecast – October Edition
09/29/2006: What Congress Accomplished
09/28/2006: Swiftboating
09/27/2006: Security Stones
09/26/2006: It's All Bill Clinton's Fault
09/26/2006: West Wing Season 6: The NIE/NIC Report
09/26/2006: "Stay The Course"
09/26/2006: Support Our Troops
09/25/2006: Religion of Hate vs. Religion of Love
09/25/2006: Tales from the Borderlands, Part Five
09/23/2006: Win-Win-Lose The Constitution
09/23/2006: At last - The Whole Truth is Out - Bush is Against Torture!!!
09/22/2006: Torture President Wins
09/22/2006: Bush & Ahmadinejad: Separated at Birth?
09/21/2006: A Good Start...
09/20/2006: A Challenge to Administration Insiders
09/19/2006: The Republican Security Message
09/19/2006: Moderates in an Immoderate Time
09/18/2006: For Heaven's Sake, Let's Communicate
09/17/2006: Comparisons Should Be Made
09/16/2006: Tough Questions for Two Democratic Senators
09/15/2006: King George and His Republican Court
09/14/2006: Republicans Fight Republicans on Security
09/14/2006: Inconvenient Heroes - The Survivors of 9/11/01
09/14/2006: Material Support Beats Lip Service Every Time
09/14/2006: GOP Distraction Issues
09/13/2006: Conservatives Want Republicans to Lose
09/13/2006: Shame on you Mr. President; Bravo! Mr. Olbermann
09/13/2006: Slowly Coming Around
09/12/2006: We Have Not Forgotten, Mr. President
09/11/2006: Republicans Blame Democrats First
09/10/2006: Secret Evidence Should Be Admitted in Terror Trials
09/09/2006: The Book is Better Than The Movie
09/09/2006: The Current Legislative Push Is Significant
09/08/2006: Why Go After Rumsfeld?
09/07/2006: Iran has won the war. It is time to sue for peace.
09/06/2006: Republican Militarism Spawns Terrorism
09/06/2006: Osama Bin Who? Oh yeah, he did the 9/11 thing.
09/05/2006: Security after November
09/04/2006: Conservative Legal "Principles"
09/01/2006: Putting Up a Front
09/01/2006: Woody's 2006 Senate Forecast: September Edition
08/31/2006: Thoughts on "Category 5"
08/31/2006: Are Bush's Actions Appeasement?
08/31/2006: Not For Sale
08/30/2006: Should We Debate Iran?
08/30/2006: Removing Citizenship the FBI Way
08/29/2006: Katherine Harris: Thomas Jefferson was a liar!
08/28/2006: Is Government the Problem?
08/27/2006: Free Speech Or Censorship?
08/27/2006: Thoughts on "The Change in the Weather"
08/25/2006: Iraq-Countdown for Iran
08/24/2006: Iran Wants to Talk
08/23/2006: Katrina One Year On
08/22/2006: Nasrallah vs. Siniora
08/21/2006: Straight Talker John McCain
08/21/2006: The King of America is dead, at least according to the federal courts
08/21/2006: Nine Out of Ten
08/19/2006: Wiretaps Ruled Illegal, But Fight Is Not Over
08/18/2006: Freedom, Not Interference with Freedom
08/18/2006: When Conservatives Hated Lieberman
08/17/2006: Is Lieberman a Republican?
08/17/2006: A DINO leaves Connecticut
08/16/2006: Republican "Freedom"
08/16/2006: The Dust Settles
08/15/2006: A Conservative Icon Agrees with Liberals
08/15/2006: GOP Racism and Nativism on Display
08/14/2006: False Leadership
08/14/2006: The Neat Little Boxes of Euphemisms
08/13/2006: So Many Choices
08/12/2006: War on Democrats
08/11/2006: Tony Snow is Correct - Sort Of
08/11/2006: A Letter to Joe Lieberman
08/11/2006: One Defeat is Not a Purge
08/10/2006: Knowledge is Best Defense against Terrorism
08/10/2006: Defense As Well
08/09/2006: FDR Day
08/09/2006: Senator Lamont - Maybe
08/07/2006: The Unstated Truth - False Power - and "My Pet Goat"
08/07/2006: A Middle East Conference
08/06/2006: Thoughts on The One Percent Doctrine
08/04/2006: Veteran Republican Advocates a Democratic House
08/04/2006: How To Make A Pony Disappear - The Middle East
08/04/2006: Denial isn't just a river running through Iraq
08/03/2006: Fluffy Pillows
08/03/2006: Ultra-Left?!
08/02/2006: The Key "Hearts-and-Minds" Word
08/02/2006: Haditha and Elsewhere
08/01/2006: Lebanon: The New Afghanistan
08/01/2006: Woody’s 2006 Senate Forecast: August Edition
07/31/2006: Kill the Cancer, Not the Doctor
07/31/2006: Someone Crack a Window; More Stink-a-roo Legislation
07/31/2006: I Know a Good GOP Senator When I See One
07/31/2006: When collusion pays
07/31/2006: Marines Want Deadline In Iraq
07/29/2006: NORAD Out, Star Wars In
07/29/2006: Not a Conservative? Too Bad.
07/29/2006: Republican Authoritarianism
07/28/2006: Republican Blackmail
07/27/2006: A Midsummer Night's Swim in the Sewer
07/26/2006: Suing the President
07/25/2006: Main Event: Connecticut Smackdown
07/24/2006: The Next Big Thing
07/23/2006: So Long Joe, Been Good to Know Ya
07/22/2006: Book Review: Outsourcing America
07/22/2006: The Republican Culture of Blame
07/22/2006: Someone Else's War: Israel - Lebanon vs US - Iraq
07/20/2006: Biden On Lebanon
07/19/2006: What Bush Failed to Veto
07/19/2006: Culture-of-Life Veto
07/19/2006: Israeli Attack On Lebanon Was Likely No Surprise To U.S.
07/18/2006: Book Review: The Mighty and the Almighty
07/17/2006: Will Stem Cell Bill Produce 1st Bush Veto?
07/17/2006: Why Do They Hate Us?
07/15/2006: Panama Canal To Be Widened
07/14/2006: Bring Back from Brink
07/14/2006: Brawling in the Middle East
07/13/2006: Take Back Our Party, Take Back Our Country
07/13/2006: A Tribute to Lindsey Graham
07/13/2006: Selection Bias and the Polarization of America
07/12/2006: Economic Growth
07/11/2006: Do We Need a Chinese Wall?
07/10/2006: Let China Do It
07/08/2006: Ours and Ours Alone
07/07/2006: Money = Free Speech: Invitation to Corruption
07/06/2006: Hamas is a Terrorist Organization
07/06/2006: War Against Christmas in July
07/05/2006: Decisive Failure
07/05/2006: Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!
07/05/2006: A Thumb in the Eye of Democracy
07/03/2006: Congress: A Chance for Redemption
07/02/2006: Bush Losing War On Terror
07/01/2006: Why I Am A Democrat
07/01/2006: New Entries for Ray's Brief Dictionary of Political Buzz Words and Phrases
06/30/2006: George Lost His Crown
06/30/2006: Bush Defeat In The Supreme Court?
06/30/2006: Bush Redefines Victory In Iraq
06/29/2006: A Great Day for American Ideals
06/28/2006: Democratic Iraq Strategy
06/28/2006: Mexico's election deserves our attention
06/27/2006: How Bush Fights the War on Terror
06/27/2006: Treasonous Accusations of Treason
06/27/2006: Wasting Taxpayers dollars (101): This waste must end
06/26/2006: Blogging for Access
06/25/2006: The War on Memory
06/25/2006: Wow, My Goodness
06/24/2006: Religious Free Speech
06/24/2006: Bush/ Republican Iraq Plan Unveiled
06/23/2006: Iraq Shenanigans
06/22/2006: The Working Society
06/21/2006: Book Review: The Global Class War
06/20/2006: How to Win War on Terror
06/20/2006: FCC and Bush: Redefining Obscenity
06/20/2006: "They The People" Cash = Representation
06/20/2006: Raise the Minimum Wage
06/19/2006: Bigness is Badness
06/17/2006: Is It Time for Election Reform?
06/16/2006: The Course to Disaster
06/16/2006: The Price of Division
06/15/2006: Iraq: Republican Pawn in Political War
06/14/2006: Master Trasher Free to Trash Democrats
06/14/2006: Republican Disregard for All Things American
06/14/2006: The GOP and The Politics of Mourning
06/13/2006: Republican Leaders Want Permanent Iraqi Bases
06/12/2006: A Convenient Truth
06/12/2006: It's Troublesome, I'm Afraid
06/12/2006: Are We Scared Yet?
06/11/2006: Lloyd's of London Recognizes Inconvenient Truth
06/09/2006: Combating Terrorists, Unifying Americans
06/09/2006: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - Dead?
06/09/2006: 1000+ dead later, and Justice is delivered to terrorist.
06/08/2006: Negotiating with Iran
06/08/2006: Hoping it Makes the Difference.
06/07/2006: Family Values and the Estate Tax
06/07/2006: Dog Bites Man in California's 50th
06/07/2006: I don't "get it." Is there something I am missing?
06/06/2006: Republican Noise Machine is Gearing Up
06/06/2006: The Voltage of Dissent
06/06/2006: Is a Military Record an Asset?
06/06/2006: Values Voters Come Home
06/05/2006: Bush: America Addicted to Sex
06/05/2006: Not Again. The Divider Part 2
06/05/2006: On the Record & Documented
06/02/2006: Probable Cause in Haditha
06/02/2006: Economics Should be Subset of Civics
06/02/2006: It's Not The Economy, Stupid
06/01/2006: Can the Bush Regime do anything right?
06/01/2006: Does Being Competitive Increase Profit?
06/01/2006: President Bush to Announce Support for Second Class Citizen Status
05/31/2006: Free Speech and Originalism
05/30/2006: Smearing Gore Again
05/28/2006: The Anointed Ones
05/27/2006: The Coup Advances
05/26/2006: Disillusioned Republicans
05/26/2006: Bush Apologizes For Targeting Bin Laden
05/26/2006: Freelunchonomics
05/25/2006: I Agree with Rush!!
05/25/2006: Republicans Dishonor Our Fallen Heroes
05/24/2006: Congressional Corruption
05/24/2006: The Passion of the Da Vinci Code
05/23/2006: Are Conservatives Traitors Too?
05/23/2006: On The Edge
05/23/2006: Emperor Palpatine and The Politics of Mythic Roles
05/22/2006: Am I My Brother's Keeper?
05/22/2006: Arrest the Press
05/22/2006: Clean EDGE
05/21/2006: Immigration: More of the same and none of it good
05/19/2006: Have You Heard the Inconvenient Truth?
05/19/2006: America's Uncommon Language
05/19/2006: Reps Borrow $70 Billion To Aid Needy Billionaires
05/19/2006: Rejecting Pussyfoot Politics
05/18/2006: A new Entry for Ray's Brief Dictionary of Political Buzz Words and Phrases
05/18/2006: Political Tools
05/17/2006: A Slow Motion Coup
05/16/2006: New York in Modern America: An Alien World
05/16/2006: Time for Compassion
05/16/2006: Dumb, or Just Playing Dumb?
05/16/2006: I missed a documentary on patio furniture for this?
05/15/2006: The Straight Shooter Doesn't Shoot Straight
05/15/2006: It's Still A Melting Pot
05/14/2006: Report: Rove Indicted on Friday
05/13/2006: Security From Our Government
05/12/2006: Corrective Measures
05/12/2006: Are You a Spy or Terrorist?
05/11/2006: Pandering with Tax Shelters
05/11/2006: Think Big, Really Big
05/11/2006: Veterans May Be Contaminated!
05/11/2006: The KGB isn't dead.... it's called the NSA
05/10/2006: Republican SOP
05/10/2006: Something smells wrong: Pump Prices to Drop
05/10/2006: Republicans Are Killing Our Babies
05/09/2006: Some Thoughts on the Language of Politics
05/09/2006: Answer Iran Letter with Ebadi
05/08/2006: Enzi: A Man of (Republican) Principle
05/08/2006: AT&T and NSA: A match made in hell.'
05/08/2006: Spineless Republicans
05/07/2006: The Economy In Context
05/06/2006: Goss Out - Hayden In?
05/06/2006: Porter Goss Resigns
05/05/2006: Business Entitlement
05/05/2006: Blame The Mexicans
05/04/2006: Give me your tired, your poor,...
05/04/2006: Turning Congress & the New Silent Majority
05/04/2006: 209 Republicans & 8 Democrats Walk into a Bar...
05/03/2006: What Liberals Stand For
05/02/2006: American Revival
05/02/2006: The Three Stories
05/02/2006: I Want A Real Energy Policy
05/01/2006: America's Trend to Theocracy
05/01/2006: Bush Bungle Lengthens the "Long War"
05/01/2006: Bush Blames The Troops For Iraq
04/30/2006: Tales From the Borderland, Part Four
04/28/2006: The GOP and Exxon Mobil
04/28/2006: It is Time to Develop Peacful Nuclear Energy
04/28/2006: How YOU Can Reduce Gas Prices
04/27/2006: Hysterical Republican Energetics
04/27/2006: As Much As This Hurts...
04/26/2006: Republican Economics
04/25/2006: Protecting Our Investments
04/25/2006: Net Neutrality for a Flourishing Internet
04/25/2006: Help Wanted
04/24/2006: Election Year Republican Hatred
04/24/2006: Strangulating the Internet
04/23/2006: Journalists and Generals
04/21/2006: More Republican/Democratic Contrasts
04/21/2006: Tales From The Borderlands, Part Three
04/20/2006: Democrats Fight for the Common-Interest
04/20/2006: George W. Bush vs "Slick Willie"
04/20/2006: More resignations should follow
04/19/2006: Bridging the Democratic Party Divide
04/19/2006: One Step Forward, Many More To Go
04/18/2006: Fool Me Once
04/18/2006: Conservative Compassion
04/18/2006: Between Decision and Realization
04/18/2006: 'Culture Of Corruption' Claims More Republicans
04/17/2006: Republican Elitism
04/17/2006: Tales from The Borderlands, Part Two
04/16/2006: Tales from the Borderlands, Part One
04/15/2006: It Is Time to "Duck and Cover"
04/14/2006: Atmospheric Venting
04/14/2006: Lying Comes Naturally to Republicans
04/13/2006: Sic Wal Mart onto Financial Industry
04/12/2006: 16 Days to Armageddon
04/12/2006: Swimming Against the Current II: The Electorate
04/11/2006: Republicans Gut States Rights
04/11/2006: It's Not Our Fault!
04/10/2006: Freedom of Hate
04/10/2006: Republicans Kill Immigration Reform
04/10/2006: A War of Information
04/10/2006: The Democrats Do Not Have a Unified Plan for Iraq
04/09/2006: Why Bring Out The Iran Plan Now?
04/09/2006: Why a Leak?
04/08/2006: Trust Me
04/07/2006: In The Public Interest
04/07/2006: Human Rights Leadership?
04/07/2006: Bush Is The Leaker
04/07/2006: Dear Mr. President: Please resign
04/06/2006: How to Vote
04/06/2006: Warnings about Warmings
04/06/2006: Get Porked
04/05/2006: A Clear Exit Strategy
04/05/2006: Bush Not Serious
04/04/2006: The Culture of Corruption Remains
04/04/2006: DeLay's First Smart Move In Quite a While
04/04/2006: Hammer Goes Down
04/03/2006: Tolerance; A Controversial Issue
04/03/2006: Secular Government, Religious Harmony
04/03/2006: Partisan Politics and Party Lines
04/02/2006: Illegal Wiretapping is Illegal
04/02/2006: Tough AND Smart
03/31/2006: The Solution is...... Amnesty
03/31/2006: Swimming Against The Current I: Regulation
03/30/2006: It's a Bird!.. It's a Plane!... It's Big Brother!
03/30/2006: New Auction Requirements
03/30/2006: Real Security or Just Talk?
03/30/2006: Running Down The Clock
03/29/2006: Cheeseburger Boy Resigns
03/28/2006: Republican Crackup on Immigration
03/28/2006: Memos
03/27/2006: Where's the Good News?
03/27/2006: Membership Has Its Privileges
03/26/2006: Bringing Democracy to the Middle East?
03/24/2006: Conservatives: The Law is for Liberals
03/23/2006: Your Identity for Sale
03/23/2006: Why Does Bush Hate The Military?
03/22/2006: A Grand Bargain with Iran
03/22/2006: Obligations
03/21/2006: Talk to Iran
03/21/2006: Stick A Fork In It...
03/20/2006: A Conservative Revolt?
03/20/2006: It's All Good, Except The Bad
03/17/2006: Democrats: What's Your Response to Feingold?
03/17/2006: The 5 Stages of Death of the Republican Party
03/16/2006: Republicans Flip-Flop on Drug Program
03/15/2006: PC or Not PC
03/15/2006: The Pastrami Budget: How Bush's Killer Budget is really a good thing
03/14/2006: Feingold Rebuilds Democratic Party
03/14/2006: The Direction We’re Heading
03/13/2006: Immoral Morality
03/13/2006: The Hinge of The Door
03/10/2006: Agog at Glitzy Globalization
03/09/2006: Outsourcing, Offshoring and Racketeering
03/08/2006: Bush, the Diplomat
03/07/2006: ATT: The UNREGULATED Monopoly
03/06/2006: C.S. Lewis on Patriotism
03/06/2006: Now And Then A Study In Contrast
03/06/2006: Dubai Must Manage Our Ports
03/03/2006: John McCain: Maverick No More?
03/03/2006: Ethics in Government
03/03/2006: Our Government Can Be Nonpartisan
03/03/2006: Back In The Cellar
03/02/2006: Do We Need Guest Workers?
02/28/2006: Foreign Policy: Republican vs. Democratic Approaches
02/28/2006: Governments Rights vs. Our Rights
02/27/2006: 45 Days to Security
02/27/2006: Plan B: Rewriting history. How Bush hides the truth.
02/27/2006: Honesty Is The Best Policy
02/27/2006: Ohio Adoption Ban Proposal
02/26/2006: W.F. Buckley: Iraq War a Failure
02/24/2006: Maximizing Shareholder Value
02/23/2006: Rove: Security Focus of Campaigns
02/22/2006: An Opportunity, If He's Interested
02/22/2006: Privatization Hurts Security
02/21/2006: Four Bases for Democracy?
02/21/2006: That's The Signpost Up Ahead - Your Next Stop...The Neocon Zone
02/20/2006: Feingold Shows Way to Security
02/19/2006: Freedom Doughnuts
02/19/2006: What If Cheney Had Been Hunting Deer?
02/18/2006: The Graying of John McCain
02/17/2006: Your Money or Your Life
02/17/2006: Ports of Danger
02/17/2006: America's Future
02/16/2006: Hooray for Rice!
02/16/2006: What Liberal Media?
02/16/2006: Torn In Time- The Real Face of Tyranny In the Middle East
02/15/2006: Spreading Democracy, Bush Style
02/14/2006: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
02/14/2006: Plamegate: The Leak That Keeps On Leaking
02/14/2006: Good Stewards of Tax Dollars?
02/14/2006: Under the Gun
02/13/2006: The Long Propaganda War
02/12/2006: The Ring of Truth
02/12/2006: Want Some Invisible Tiger Repellent?
02/09/2006: Sweet Vindication
02/09/2006: Republican Self-Mutilation
02/09/2006: National Security: Republican vs. Democratic Views
02/09/2006: Just a Silly Daydream
02/09/2006: Tough On Corruption
02/08/2006: The Brownie Brigade
02/07/2006: No Nukes!
02/06/2006: The Poor Get Poorer
02/06/2006: Republicans Begin Smear Campaign
02/06/2006: Anakin's Choice
02/04/2006: The Market Speaks: More Gay Cowboys!
02/03/2006: The Democratic Art Of War
02/02/2006: Taking Zealots At Their Word
02/02/2006: Unity Of Purpose
02/01/2006: A sad State of the Union: It's official, Dissent is now illegal
01/31/2006: Compassion for the Dying
01/30/2006: More Domestic Surveillance... Look up!
01/30/2006: A Matter of National Security
01/30/2006: GOP At The Crossroads
01/29/2006: The Strength and Weakness of Stubborn Despair
01/27/2006: Hurray For Democracy!
01/26/2006: "The past is dead, the future was unimaginable": 1984 revisited.
01/25/2006: Band of Brothers
01/24/2006: New Rule: Anonymous Internet Bile Doesn't Count
01/24/2006: Fumigating Congress
01/24/2006: Right vs. Wrong Not Right vs. Left
01/23/2006: Progressive Patriotism
01/23/2006: Iraq Expectations Lowered, Again
01/23/2006: The M-Street Project
01/22/2006: Some Lessons from Freakonomics
01/21/2006: Chile's Remarkable -yet little remarked- Election
01/20/2006: Searching for the Elephant
01/19/2006: Republican "Reform"
01/19/2006: The Bush Administration Evaluation
01/18/2006: Barr and Gore Together
01/17/2006: If Pulling Out is Defeat...
01/16/2006: Fight Iran with Friendship
01/16/2006: The Delights of Derivation
01/15/2006: The Right Way, This Time
01/13/2006: Corruption of "Advise and Consent"
01/13/2006: A government broken: How things have stopped working
01/13/2006: Our Trustworthy Administration
01/13/2006: From the Past; The Fuel of the Future
01/11/2006: King George Bush Speaks
01/11/2006: New Stockholm Syndrome?
01/10/2006: Alito, a Janus Republican
01/09/2006: The Corruption is Purely Republican
01/09/2006: Support Our Troops
01/06/2006: Holy Corruption!
01/06/2006: Legal or not: Who really wins when Roe vs. Wade is overturned
01/06/2006: Cough On This
01/06/2006: What Does Andrea Mitchell Know That She's Not Telling Us?
01/05/2006: Liberty And Responsibility
01/04/2006: A Universal Healthcare Compromise
01/03/2006: Bush: Democracy, Democracy Everywhere
01/03/2006: Keeping the water pure: Not all leaks are the same.
01/03/2006: Abramoff Is A Symptom Not The Problem
01/03/2006: “Price Check on America’s Communities, Aisle Three Hundred and Sixteen”
01/02/2006: The world's greatest "feet-lander".
01/02/2006: A Free Conscience, a Gift from Our Founders
12/30/2005: It Could Have Been Columbia
12/30/2005: Ann Coulter's "War on Kwanzaa"
12/30/2005: Democrats and the Big Picture
12/28/2005: The Business of America is Work
12/28/2005: Munich
12/27/2005: How To Play The Race Card Effectively
12/27/2005: Hamdi, Padilla and You
12/27/2005: Bush's Lewinsky Moment
12/26/2005: Morality and Ideology
12/24/2005: Hand to hand combat in the Christmas War
12/23/2005: Read What Your Signing; You May Be Signing Your Rights Away
12/23/2005: Samuel DUBYA Alito
12/22/2005: Russ Feingold, The Real Patriot
12/22/2005: The dissed court: What happens when a President decides he's a dictator?
12/21/2005: Tom Delay is Loved By All
12/21/2005: The Puzzling Price of Unity
12/21/2005: More fallout from ACSP (American Citizen Surveillance Program)
12/21/2005: The Patriot Act: Fix It, Don't Kill It
12/21/2005: Bush-Cheney Openly Seek Dictatorial Powers
12/20/2005: Teaching Intelligent Design Found Unconstitutional
12/20/2005: The New Orleans Referendum
12/19/2005: President Bush's Idea of Accountability: "Trust Me"
12/19/2005: Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative
12/19/2005: Bush and Co. Are Very Questionable
12/18/2005: Watching the Watchers
12/16/2005: Secret wiretaps=impeachable offense?
12/13/2005: Satisfaction
12/13/2005: Change is Not Always Good
12/13/2005: More or Less: The cavalier attitude of the Bush administration toward death
12/11/2005: 'Tis the season
12/10/2005: The Ticking Bomb Scenario
12/09/2005: House Votes Tax Increase for Workers
12/09/2005: The Real Culture War
12/08/2005: Religious Farce or Tragedy?
12/07/2005: Progressive Taxation Increases Growth
12/07/2005: Dean Should Go
12/06/2005: Raising Minimum Wage Increases Growth
12/06/2005: Ethically Challenged Officials
12/05/2005: Book Review: Greenspan's Fraud, by Ravi Batra
12/02/2005: Democrats Are On a Roll
12/02/2005: Forget The Money, The Plan Was Illegal
12/01/2005: There Is No Exit
11/30/2005: A Lesson in Democracy
11/30/2005: The Swine Diaries II: The Propaganda Machine continues
11/30/2005: Independent Pride vs. Reality
11/29/2005: Border Politics
11/29/2005: GOP For Sale/ Buy The Illusion
11/29/2005: Bush Back-Flip Predicted
11/28/2005: Book Review: Myths of Free Trade
11/28/2005: The Creation of Intelligent Demise
11/25/2005: The New War On Terrorism
11/23/2005: If you don't agree with the Iraq War, it's your fault we're losing
11/23/2005: Left, Right, and Center On America's Future In Iraq
11/22/2005: Guantanamo: I Laughed, Then Cried
11/22/2005: Bush vs. The United States (Part 1)
11/21/2005: Just The Crazy Ravings of an Armchair General
11/21/2005: Locked Doors
11/20/2005: Democrats Overwhelmingly Reject Pullout
11/18/2005: Murtha Breaks the Dam
11/18/2005: The case against computer-based voting systems
11/17/2005: The Party of the People
11/16/2005: Get Them, Before They Get You
11/16/2005: You Trusted Me. That's Your Fault.
11/15/2005: Does Alito Believe in Democracy?
11/15/2005: An Opportunity
11/14/2005: Moderating Iran with China
11/14/2005: Bush Lied To Soldiers
11/13/2005: Correction and Orthodoxy
11/11/2005: Don't Punish Success
11/11/2005: CLUEless: The Report That the Insurance Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About.
11/11/2005: Another Take on the Election
11/10/2005: Well Oiled Machine
11/09/2005: How to Make Government Ethical
11/09/2005: Bring It On? Too Late
11/09/2005: Life in These Times (Attempted Humor*)
11/08/2005: Deficit Reduction, Republican Style
11/07/2005: Bush's Free Trade
11/04/2005: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Do the Math)
11/04/2005: Mr. President: Fire the Architect
11/04/2005: Screw the Poor and the Environment
11/03/2005: Stop Alito!
11/03/2005: Intelligence? Wrong on Both Counts.
11/02/2005: Washington Post Reports Secret CIA Prisons
11/02/2005: Collapse of the Potemkin Presidency
11/02/2005: Incompetence Incorporated: The War on Terror
11/02/2005: The Right to Rule Comes from the People
11/01/2005: Far-Right Justices are Most Activist
10/31/2005: Scalito, the Extremist
10/31/2005: Are Republicans Ready To Do The Math?
10/30/2005: The Definition of Insanity
10/29/2005: A Fitzgerald Press Conference Walkthrough
10/28/2005: Ouch! That's gotta hurt: Libby indictment describes the lies behind the message
10/28/2005: Arguing Politics vs. Defending Reality
10/27/2005: Judicial Litmus Test of Right
10/27/2005: Bleak Smeak, Let's Party
10/26/2005: Waiting for 'Fitzmas'
10/26/2005: Iraqis Reject Constitution
10/25/2005: Is Bush a Liberal?
10/25/2005: Run Dick. Run.
10/24/2005: Book Review: The World is Flat, by Thomas L. Friedman
10/21/2005: Sycophantastic!
10/21/2005: Far Right and Way Off
10/21/2005: DeLay Wants an Unfair Trial
10/20/2005: Watch Out for Tax Simplification
10/19/2005: See Dick Run
10/18/2005: Moderates are Really Liberals
10/18/2005: Money for Nothing And Checks For Free
10/18/2005: Let's Eat Cake
10/17/2005: Katrina: A Test of Conservatism
10/14/2005: Does Business Support Science?
10/14/2005: Is impeachment a probability?
10/14/2005: The Care and Feeding of Your New Politician
10/13/2005: Musings about Moderates
10/13/2005: Democracy And Terrorism
10/12/2005: Average American Now "Loves Saddam", "Hates America"
10/12/2005: The Theocrat-Plutocrat Crash
10/11/2005: Our Tortured President
10/11/2005: Bush's Lobotomy
10/10/2005: Do the right thing..but how?
10/10/2005: Grow to the Left
10/09/2005: The Public's Right to Know
10/09/2005: Revenge Of The 'Campaign Conservative'?
10/07/2005: Sorry Works
10/07/2005: God made him do it: Bush's divine intervention
10/06/2005: Achieving Energy Independence
10/06/2005: Death With Dignity Before the Court
10/06/2005: What Changes?
10/05/2005: The Swine Diaries: Payback, American style
10/04/2005: Government by Crony
10/04/2005: Helpful Tool or Privacy Invasion?
10/04/2005: Bush Screws "Values Voters"... Again
10/03/2005: Disaster for Republican Corruption Ringmaster
10/03/2005: In search of progressive divination
10/03/2005: The Bait And Switch Continues
09/30/2005: Honor and Dignity
09/29/2005: The New Liberalism
09/29/2005: Central Columbia School Board's Motto: Ignorance is Strength
09/28/2005: Enabling The Politicians
09/28/2005: A Happy Day in America
09/28/2005: Here We Go Again
09/27/2005: The Improbables
09/27/2005: The Dubya Depression
09/27/2005: All Hat No Cattle: George's ride to Iraq
09/26/2005: An Idea That Should Quickly Be Nipped In The Bud
09/22/2005: Voter ID Cards
09/21/2005: In the Bullseye
09/21/2005: A New Direction
09/20/2005: Mitigating Future Katrinas
09/20/2005: More Government Corruption
09/19/2005: An Expanded View of Security
09/19/2005: Right Back Where We Started
09/19/2005: Cronyism Continues Unabated
09/18/2005: A Challenge To The Right
09/17/2005: Is It An Exclusive Club, Or Not?
09/16/2005: Look at Me Now
09/16/2005: Where It Stops, Nobody Knows
09/16/2005: We must have run out of hens by now.....
09/16/2005: Bush Fails at Foreign Policy Too
09/15/2005: Die Wahl 2005
09/15/2005: What's the definition of a confirmation hearing?
09/14/2005: The Biased Umpire
09/14/2005: Bush takes blame for government's poor..... public relations.
09/13/2005: Bechtel: Republican Disaster Manager
09/13/2005: William Agrees With George Bush
09/13/2005: Government Gambling Problem
09/12/2005: Drastic Contrast
09/12/2005: Obscene Inequity
09/11/2005: 9/11- Four Years Later
09/11/2005: 9/11 Report Card: 2005
09/10/2005: Beyond Iraq
09/09/2005: Fear or Compassion
09/09/2005: Government Reform Needed
09/08/2005: Will Consensus Emerge on Katrina?
09/08/2005: Katrina Opportunities
09/08/2005: The bigger the hand, the bigger the mouth...
09/08/2005: The Measure Of America
09/08/2005: Activist Legislators
09/07/2005: Greed: Weapon of Mass Destruction
09/07/2005: The Dems eke out leadership on Katrina
09/07/2005: Let ideology ring!
09/07/2005: A Disaster of a Double Standard
09/07/2005: Inspector Bush Is On The Case
09/06/2005: Bin Laden and the "Blame Game"
09/06/2005: Evacuate or Participate
09/06/2005: Our government has failed us
09/05/2005: New Orleans Rocks Republicans
09/05/2005: Failure Matters
09/03/2005: Bush Fails To Rally America, But So Does Sheehan
09/02/2005: New Orleans Amendment to Bankruptcy Bill
09/02/2005: The Answer Is How High
09/01/2005: Be Prepared
08/31/2005: Iraq is Like Vietnam, Not Japan
08/31/2005: Katrina
08/31/2005: The Foundations of a Nation At Risk
08/31/2005: A legacy to hang your 10 gallon hat on: the New Class Divide.
08/30/2005: The Iraqi Constitution
08/30/2005: Downing Street Memo II: Time to change the spotlight’s bulb.
08/29/2005: Bush vs. Truth and Reality
08/29/2005: A New Approach to Foreign Policy
08/29/2005: Democrats Securing the Borders
08/29/2005: Bush's Swing Voters, Swing Away.
08/28/2005: How to BS
08/27/2005: Stop Planning, Start Looking, Start Thinking
08/26/2005: Interpreting, Legislating & Politicizing
08/25/2005: Secure Iraq. Seriously.
08/24/2005: Robertson and Moral Values
08/23/2005: Of, By, For the People
08/23/2005: What The Hell Happened?
08/22/2005: The Noble Goal is Theocracy
08/22/2005: Support (Then eventually forget) Our Troops
08/22/2005: Crossing the Border Into The Real War
08/20/2005: Cook Sees Trouble for GOP
08/19/2005: War or Peace
08/19/2005: Fair AND Biased Coverage Sought
08/19/2005: Insularity and Authority
08/18/2005: Sheehan: Latest Target of Republican Noise Machine
08/18/2005: "Axis of Evil" 3 Bush 0
08/17/2005: Bringing Iran Around
08/17/2005: Delegated Authority
08/16/2005: HR25 Will Destroy the Middle Class
08/16/2005: Iraq Post-Mortem
08/15/2005: Iran: Like Iraq, only with weapons inspectors!
08/15/2005: Blood and Oil
08/14/2005: Image Vs. Reality
08/12/2005: HR25 Eradicates Social Security
08/12/2005: Show Of Force
08/11/2005: Cindy Sheehan Has a Claim
08/11/2005: Probe This!
08/10/2005: Iran Puzzle: Negotiate or Fight
08/10/2005: 2 Questions for Rummy
08/09/2005: Words Without Deeds Betray
08/09/2005: A Sales Tax is a Horrible Deal
08/09/2005: Courage in the form of Cindy Sheehan
08/09/2005: Career Killer
08/08/2005: Mad, Sad Muslims
08/08/2005: Spend Spend Spend
08/06/2005: My Evo Fu Is Greater Than Yours.
08/05/2005: Where's Osama bin Laden?
08/05/2005: Conflicts of Interests
08/04/2005: Roberts: A Scalia or a Souter?
08/04/2005: Thanks for the Empathy, We Want Leadership.
08/03/2005: OH-2: The stench of Republican sweat fills the air
08/02/2005: Love, Not Intelligent Design
08/02/2005: SAVE Us
08/01/2005: Frist Shifting Away from Extremism
08/01/2005: Nothing Gets In The Way Of A Bad Idea
08/01/2005: Black Gold and The White House
07/31/2005: It's not Really about Stem Cell Embryos
07/30/2005: What Next for NASA?
07/30/2005: Debunking The Rove Spin
07/30/2005: The Integrated World
07/30/2005: Repudiation of Violence is Welcome News
07/29/2005: Free Trade - Bush Style
07/28/2005: Terrorism is a Crime
07/27/2005: Bush Warns Veto in Defense of Torture
07/27/2005: 50...who will give me 48...can I get a 43? How about a 30?
07/27/2005: I Told You So
07/26/2005: Employment Security
07/26/2005: Why the Investigation, not Rove, is Important
07/25/2005: Roberts vs. Ginsburg
07/25/2005: Civil Unions: the new separate but equal?
07/24/2005: Soldiers frustrated with being at war all alone
07/22/2005: Patriotic Republicanism
07/22/2005: Did Rove Get The Memo?
07/22/2005: It's The Class Warfare, Stupid!
07/22/2005: Picking at nits while ignoring the elephant
07/21/2005: Judicial Nominees: Republican vs. Democratic
07/21/2005: Rumsfeld's World
07/20/2005: What Mandate Are You Referring to?
07/20/2005: Roberts: Your Moment of Zen
07/20/2005: Who's The Cracker?
07/19/2005: Loyalty vs. National Security
07/19/2005: Response Will Show True Character
07/19/2005: Blue works!
07/19/2005: Western Democrats
07/18/2005: The Rove-amped Republican Party
07/18/2005: Define "is"
07/18/2005: P/C Politically Corrupt
07/16/2005: Trying America's Patience
07/15/2005: Better than a yellow ribbon
07/12/2005: Another Damaged Part of Bush Machine
07/10/2005: Political Name Games
07/10/2005: Don't Believe The Judicial Showdown Hype
07/09/2005: I'm A Democrat, Not A Vegetarian
07/07/2005: London: The Latest Ground Zero
07/07/2005: Al-Qaeda's Latest Attack
07/07/2005: We Can't Afford This
07/06/2005: Antonin Scalia - An Activist Judge
07/06/2005: A Matter of Dates
07/04/2005: Let's Avoid Extremist Judges
07/04/2005: The Patriot Realist
07/03/2005: Bush speaks of sacrifices
07/01/2005: Protecting Sources - or the Whitehouse?
06/30/2005: 1500 Hundred Reasons Not to Spin 9/11
06/30/2005: Intelligent Design: A Form of Idolatry
06/30/2005: RoveVision 'Jumps The Shark'
06/29/2005: My Response to Bush
06/29/2005: Bush and Cheney should resign
06/29/2005: That Was Disappointing
06/28/2005: The Media's True Bias
06/27/2005: Mr. President: Be Pro Bono
06/27/2005: So Why is Novak not in Trouble?
06/26/2005: Idiocy
06/24/2005: The Great Divide
06/23/2005: The Timeline Dilemma
06/23/2005: Republican Math
06/22/2005: Guantanamo, Shmantanamo - Not the Real Problem
06/22/2005: Religion and "The Right"
06/21/2005: Bush Administration coincidences
06/20/2005: Growth is a False Goal
06/20/2005: Double Standards
06/19/2005: The Gears Of Knowledge Turn Strangely
06/19/2005: I thought the rule was "never volunteer"?
06/17/2005: When Do We Leave Iraq?
06/17/2005: U.S Environmental Policy Killing Planet
06/16/2005: Perpetuity
06/15/2005: Republican Rings of Corruption
06/15/2005: Schiavo Autopsy
06/15/2005: Our Man in Geneva
06/15/2005: Driven To Distraction
06/14/2005: MEDICARE FOR ALL
06/14/2005: The Haliburton War
06/13/2005: Its Glory Is All Moonshine
06/12/2005: 'The Impeachment Option'
06/11/2005: Urban Renewal On Sesame Street
06/10/2005: Debunking Linearity
06/09/2005: Clear Cut Deceptions
06/08/2005: Republican Rings of Corruption
06/08/2005: Hyper-Rich Getting Hyper-Richer
06/07/2005: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Betrays
06/05/2005: Get A Move On
06/05/2005: Religion, practicality, and government control
06/04/2005: Republican Rings of Corruption
06/03/2005: Language's Uncertain Paths
06/03/2005: Basic Training
06/01/2005: Republican Rings of Corruption
06/01/2005: New Liberals
05/31/2005: This Means War!
05/30/2005: Non!
05/27/2005: Democrats: Defenders Of Liberty
05/26/2005: The Politics of A Small World
05/25/2005: A Blow to the Theocrats
05/24/2005: Another Victory For Democrats...
05/23/2005: We Don't Like the Rules: Break Them
05/22/2005: It's Not Just Blues vs Bush
05/21/2005: Framing the Democratic Message
05/21/2005: Train Wreck Of Opportunity
05/21/2005: Where Do We Stand On This?
05/18/2005: What Have I Missed?
05/18/2005: Ante Up
05/16/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Seven
05/15/2005: The Accidental American Hero
05/13/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Six
05/12/2005: Team Red, you've come a long way, baby!
05/12/2005: Kingdom Of Heaven
05/11/2005: What's your Political Typology?
05/08/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Five
05/07/2005: And it's 1,2,3 - what are we fighting for?
05/07/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Four
05/07/2005: Does Anyone Else Feel A Draft?
05/05/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Three
05/04/2005: Where Are The Consequences?
05/01/2005: Tony Blair and regime change
04/29/2005: Governing Iraq
04/28/2005: A Rush Job by the ACLU
04/28/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part Two
04/27/2005: Medals Of Honor
04/23/2005: Tumblers in the Lock of Time, Part One
04/22/2005: GOP To Raise Taxes 85%
04/19/2005: Basra Under Sharia Law
04/18/2005: The End Of An Age
04/17/2005: The Glaringly Hypocritical GOP Culture of Life
04/14/2005: This is the Bush Doctrine, Flinching
04/14/2005: Cold War II
04/14/2005: Stand Up For Liberalism
04/12/2005: Let This One Go
04/11/2005: Republicans And 'The Nuclear Option': 'Git 'R' Done!'
04/10/2005: A Deadline, Whether We Want It Or Not
04/07/2005: We're not devious after all - darn it!
04/06/2005: Liberalism and Modern Knowledge
04/01/2005: Poor Judgement
04/01/2005: 'A Megaphone For Fraud'
03/29/2005: What's the Old Saying About Elections Without a Government?
03/29/2005: Kumbaya Condi
03/29/2005: Pro-Life, But Unclear on the Concept
03/28/2005: Not With a Bang but a Whimper
03/25/2005: A Perspective on The Politics of The Schiavo Case
03/24/2005: What Gives, Muammar?
03/24/2005: How Did Hitler Tie His Shoes?
03/22/2005: Where are the Conservatives?
03/22/2005: Leave It Alone
03/21/2005: No Longer A Republic
03/19/2005: Valued Criticism
03/17/2005: Congressional Republicans Show Their Colors
03/17/2005: Bush is the Wrong Person to Sell Private Accounts
03/14/2005: 40 Acres And A Social Security Check
03/12/2005: Mind Your Conclusions About The Brain
03/10/2005: Addicted to Hate
03/07/2005: The Dead Horse That Must Be Beaten
03/06/2005: Senate Republicans All Refuse to Support the Troops
03/05/2005: The 'Credit Or Debit Issue'
03/03/2005: Proportionality is the Point
03/01/2005: A Dollar Per Mention
02/28/2005: Fighting Corporate Power
02/26/2005: How to Sucker Voters, the GOP Way
02/25/2005: The Honored Soldiers of a Dishonored Command
02/25/2005: Tick, Tick, Tick
02/24/2005: On Edge
02/22/2005: Baghdad Under Siege
02/20/2005: Gannon Fodder
02/17/2005: Re-Born Fighters
02/15/2005: Libel & McLibel
02/15/2005: Naivete
02/14/2005: US President Targets Journalists for Softball?
02/14/2005: It's a Fun-Fun-Fundamentalist World
02/11/2005: The Great Pretender
02/10/2005: Disturbing liberal-media news of the day
02/09/2005: Promotion, Policy, and Politics
02/08/2005: Risk-Free Investing
02/07/2005: The Depths of Memory
02/05/2005: The Taxman Cometh
02/04/2005: Psst: Wanna Buy a $5000 Nest Egg for only $5000?
02/04/2005: Bush and Iraq
02/03/2005: A Kinder, Gentler Bush
02/02/2005: State Of The Union - Make Your Choice
02/02/2005: SOTU Pre-buttal
02/01/2005: How Do The Iraqis Define Democracy?
01/31/2005: Fair and Simple Tax System
01/31/2005: So, What's It All Mean?
01/29/2005: Moving Forward
01/28/2005: Serving the Kool-Aid
01/27/2005: Some More Outrageous News
01/26/2005: Judiciary Democrats Unite Against Gonzales
01/26/2005: Bush's Other Election
01/24/2005: WWVCD?
01/24/2005: Accountability
01/23/2005: Dissonance reduction, American-style
01/23/2005: The 'Future Of Social Security' Focus Group
01/22/2005: From satire to reality in six easy months?
01/22/2005: Myths of Leadership
01/22/2005: Hotel Rwanda
01/20/2005: Honest George Will...
01/20/2005: Big Whoop
01/18/2005: Strategic Interests
01/17/2005: Desert Two
01/16/2005: Act Now to Enhance Diversity of Ideas
01/16/2005: Their Hand Set Against All
01/14/2005: Selective Outrage
01/14/2005: After "Politics of Truth" comes "Truth or Politics?"
01/13/2005: The Politics of Scientific Truth
01/09/2005: The Rubber Hits the Road
01/08/2005: Clear Intent
01/07/2005: Social Security: Minor Shortfall, or Major Rip-off?
01/06/2005: It's Not a Dessert
01/04/2005: Trial Balloons
01/03/2005: Fast Mover
01/02/2005: Get out of our way if you don't like complaints
12/30/2004: Where Is America?
12/29/2004: Accountability Is On The March - Get Outta The Way!
12/28/2004: Hooray for the ACLU - a postscript
12/25/2004: The Wrong Kind of Christmas Present
12/24/2004: The Value of a Visit
12/23/2004: What Victory In Washington State, Could Mean For Justice In Ohio
12/23/2004: Hooray for the ACLU
12/23/2004: In Fini, Veritas
12/21/2004: The Real World
12/20/2004: I'm Ayatollah al-Sistani, and I Approve This Message
12/17/2004: Dogpile
12/15/2004: The Disenfranchisement Has Been Televised
12/14/2004: When China Grows Up
12/13/2004: Wildcatters
12/10/2004: Missing The Point
12/07/2004: It's Your Money
12/06/2004: Phony Crisis
12/05/2004: 'Activist Judges' Running Amok!
12/03/2004: What We Want To Hear
12/01/2004: Kyoto Go
11/29/2004: The Election Fraud Bullet Points Memo
11/29/2004: Prurient Interests
11/29/2004: Strategic Communication
11/27/2004: Was Darwin Wrong?
11/26/2004: The Truth Will Set You Free
11/23/2004: Fear Factor
11/23/2004: Democrats Playing The Moral Values Card
11/23/2004: Staggering Failure
11/21/2004: Oh, You Think You're Better Than Me Now?
11/19/2004: DeLay-ed: Fraud Deserving Of Dishonor
11/19/2004: A Whole Lot of Nerve
11/19/2004: The Outhouse Demographic
11/18/2004: Abortion vs Humanity
11/17/2004: Blue State Rebels
11/15/2004: E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One
11/15/2004: Broke Nation
11/14/2004: False Comforts
11/13/2004: Meet The New Boss
11/12/2004: Attorney Generalissimo
11/10/2004: Trapped in Minnesota: A Time Capsule
11/09/2004: Turbans In The Ring
11/08/2004: Divided We Stand
11/08/2004: The Option Reserved
11/06/2004: Truth, Terrorism, and War
11/05/2004: What We Need To Do To Win
11/05/2004: Take Us To Our Leader
11/03/2004: Confessions of a Junkie
11/03/2004: To Conservative Christians
11/03/2004: We Must Welcome Scrutiny
11/03/2004: Acceptance speech of an honest candidate
11/03/2004: What do we do now?
11/03/2004: Why We (Apparently) Lost
11/03/2004: No Excuses
11/02/2004: Calling All Soccer Moms!
11/01/2004: Choices and Mistakes
11/01/2004: Vote
11/01/2004: Decision That Will Affect Our Nation LONG-TERM
11/01/2004: And What About the Poll Tax?
11/01/2004: Cell Phone Veterans for Kerry
10/31/2004: Eating Our Young
10/31/2004: A Noble, but Misguided, Thought
10/31/2004: The Weight of Decision
10/31/2004: The Polls that Do Matter
10/31/2004: Why Bin Laden �NEEDS� George W. Bush To Remain President
10/30/2004: A Word To The Wise
10/30/2004: Dear Bush Supporter
10/29/2004: A Message Back To Bin Laden
10/29/2004: Faith, Trust and Human Rights
10/29/2004: NAACP or The Catholic Church
10/29/2004: Senior NASA Researcher Investigates "The Bulge"
10/29/2004: Kerry Correct On Weapons Issue
10/29/2004: Faith-Based Reality
10/28/2004: Lessons Forgotten Will Be Lessons Relearned
10/28/2004: Eminem, We Hardly Knew Ye
10/28/2004: Next Fantasy
10/27/2004: The Therapeutic Choice
10/27/2004: The 'Nazification' of American Politics
10/26/2004: Tale Of The Timeline
10/26/2004: The Grand Alliance
10/26/2004: Cue Cards & PuppetMaster Bush
10/25/2004: Kerry Finally Playing up Flu Threat
10/25/2004: Republicans for Kerry
10/25/2004: Al Qaqaa is About to Hit the Fan
10/25/2004: More Iraqi Weapons fall Into the Hands of Terrorists
10/24/2004: Be Hopeful, Be Very Hopeful
10/23/2004: Suppress The Vote
10/22/2004: Factcheck on the Wolves Ad
10/22/2004: More News From of the Planet Earth
10/21/2004: On the Lighter Side...
10/21/2004: We MUST Fight Terrorists in Iraq or They Will Come Here?
10/21/2004: America's True Enemy: Corporate Media
10/20/2004: Back on Planet Earth...
10/20/2004: Do You Solemnly Swear...
10/19/2004: Before and After
10/18/2004: Chaos, In Theory and In War
10/18/2004: Freedom Of Expression And Other Lapses In Judgement
10/17/2004: Why Even Republicans Should Be Glad Iraq Had No WMD
10/17/2004: Match your Candidate
10/17/2004: Support Our Troops
10/17/2004: Stripping Away The Veneer (Volume II)
10/15/2004: Support the Troops.
10/15/2004: Get informed!
10/15/2004: Bush Jobs
10/14/2004: A Shame And A Sin
10/14/2004: Polls Show Kerry Win
10/14/2004: Kerry Nails Bush
10/14/2004: Just Tell It Like It Is
10/13/2004: Keyes vs. Obama: The First Illinois Senate Debate
10/13/2004: Blue Team Heads to Series Closer with 2-0 Lead
10/13/2004: Middle-Class Tax Cuts
10/12/2004: The Right Way
10/11/2004: Cracking Under Pressure
10/10/2004: Standards and Expectations
10/10/2004: A Moral Abyss
10/09/2004: Keep Their Eyes Off the Ball
10/09/2004: Town Hall Debate
10/09/2004: Will Bush Keep Australia in the Coalition?
10/08/2004: This will be some kind of record
10/08/2004: A Nation of Integrity
10/08/2004: Did Bush Cheat?
10/08/2004: Forensic Criminology and Psycho Pathology... BACK IMPEACHMENT
10/08/2004: Cheney's Pipe Dream
10/07/2004: Stripping Away the Veneer
10/07/2004: Cheney of Fools
10/06/2004: Kerry Leads In Key Endorsements
10/06/2004: "What Kind of Commander in Chief"
10/06/2004: VP Debate
10/05/2004: The "Global Test"
10/05/2004: The Duck Starts Here
10/04/2004: The "global test" makes perfect sense
10/04/2004: What is Lincoln Thinkin'?
10/03/2004: Boorish Political Behavior
10/03/2004: You Dropped A Bomb On Me!
10/02/2004: One Core Value We Should All Agree On...
10/02/2004: A Tale of Two Editorials
10/01/2004: The Global Test: An Easy "A"
10/01/2004: Of Men and Mantras
10/01/2004: The Emperor Has No Clue
09/30/2004: Wrong War, Wrong Time, Wrong President
09/30/2004: Spins and Damn Spins
09/30/2004: How to Debate W
09/30/2004: Reliable Principles, or Reliable Words?
09/29/2004: On Body Armor, Bush is Vulnerable
09/29/2004: Flip Flop
09/28/2004: Republican Gay Hypocrisy Hits Home - Again!
09/28/2004: Kerry - Capable!
09/27/2004: What Do I Want Out of a President?
09/27/2004: Race Tightening
09/26/2004: Love Amid the Ruins: A Modern Parable
09/24/2004: RNC Ushers In 'Willie Horton Phase' Of Campaign
09/24/2004: The Problem of Iraq
09/24/2004: No Islam or Cats Allowed
09/23/2004: Kerry On Iraq
09/22/2004: Memogate Mass Distraction
09/21/2004: The First Meme War?
09/20/2004: Why Not 5 Minute Political Ads?
09/20/2004: Brits Reprioritize
09/19/2004: Fear is our Guide
09/19/2004: Upholding Principles of Democracy
09/18/2004: Pass The Bush Lemon Law!
09/18/2004: Realism, Not Pessimism
09/18/2004: Fantasy World Of Spin
09/17/2004: Cheney Throws Chair at Heckler
09/17/2004: Electoral Reform
09/16/2004: Beslan - Russia's Reichstag?
09/16/2004: Let�s Save the Democracy (In Indonesia)
09/16/2004: Unfit For Command
09/15/2004: On The Rebound
09/13/2004: Not in the Bag, or Even Near It
09/12/2004: 9/11 Report Card
09/11/2004: A Presidency in Revolution
09/10/2004: George W. Bush: 7 Minutes of Unfit Command
09/10/2004: Oil and Terror and Storms, Oh My!
09/08/2004: Four Digits and No Excuses
09/08/2004: The Three Monkey Government
09/08/2004: The Stepford Party
09/08/2004: Texans For Truth
09/08/2004: Cheney Drops a T-Bomb
09/06/2004: An Exercise of Unmitigated Gall
09/06/2004: Caveat Pre-Emptor
09/05/2004: Integrity, Above All Things
09/03/2004: A Presidency of Terror
09/03/2004: No Public School Left Standing?
09/02/2004: ...and they say Bush talks funny
09/02/2004: Observations for the Night
09/01/2004: GOP Convention Day 2: It's A Total Gloss
09/01/2004: Time to Hit the Panic Button?
08/31/2004: Revisiting Compassion and Conservatism
08/31/2004: It's the Economy, Stupid!
08/31/2004: Truth and W�s place in the Guard
08/31/2004: Between Words and Actions
08/28/2004: Partisan Blinders
08/28/2004: A '527' Group For Truth
08/28/2004: Bronze Star
08/27/2004: Understated
08/26/2004: Common Sense Vs. Principles
08/26/2004: Bush Economy not going well
08/25/2004: The Power of a Personal Connection
08/24/2004: Bushworld
08/23/2004: An Appeal To The Veterans
08/22/2004: An Asymmetrical Attack
08/21/2004: Get In The Game!
08/20/2004: "The Country Will Be Lost!"
08/20/2004: Backdraft
08/19/2004: Gulf Wars, Episode II: Attack of the Islamofascists
08/18/2004: O'Reilly vs. "Kerry Haters"
08/18/2004: Playing the Terror Card
08/15/2004: Sucker Bet
08/14/2004: Grading The Truth Squad
08/11/2004: What The..?
08/10/2004: Boiled and Oiled
08/10/2004: Protest Songs
08/07/2004: 527
08/06/2004: Bush Opposes "Legacy" College Admissions
08/05/2004: Always Bet On Black
08/04/2004: Conservatives' Hollow Victory
08/03/2004: Primary Day in Missouri
08/03/2004: UN Reformation
08/01/2004: Not Nuts
07/31/2004: What is the price? What is the risk?
07/30/2004: Right On Schedule
07/30/2004: Let the honeymoon begin!
07/30/2004: Make Them No Promises and You'll Tell Them No Lies
07/30/2004: This is Not America
07/28/2004: A More Perfect Union
07/27/2004: The Democratic National Convention - Day 1
07/27/2004: Meteoric Rise for Obama
07/26/2004: Will Young Voters "Rock The Vote" in 2004?
07/26/2004: Drink Deeply or Not At All
07/25/2004: The Dubya Code*
07/24/2004: Friday's Trash
07/23/2004: Right Regulation
07/22/2004: How Will Bush Try To Steal the Election... This Time?
07/21/2004: Take Responsibility
07/21/2004: Makeover Time
07/20/2004: The Promisekeepers
07/19/2004: Hate
07/19/2004: Oil Stains
07/18/2004: Vacation
07/16/2004: Makin' Whoopi
07/16/2004: A House Divided
07/15/2004: A Thin Skin
07/14/2004: 10 Partisan Myths
07/14/2004: One thing I'll Miss About Bush - His Hot Daughters
07/13/2004: The Panic Room
07/13/2004: "Democracy Is Best Taught by Example"
07/13/2004: Hanky-Panky
07/12/2004: The Straight & Narrow
07/12/2004: Should Bush replace Cheney?
07/11/2004: Remember...What is Best in life!
07/10/2004: The Feedback Whine
07/09/2004: What Should Ralph Do
07/07/2004: Scorched Earth
07/06/2004: Bounce
07/05/2004: The Political Spectrum
07/02/2004: GOP Underestimates Stern at its Peril
07/01/2004: Lost In Translation
07/01/2004: Tortured Logic
06/29/2004: Premature Pull Out
06/27/2004: �This is not a time for Pessimism and Rage�?
06/26/2004: Fahrenheit 9/11-A Review
06/24/2004: Supremes Reveal Cowardice
06/22/2004: Election Projections - a fun way to waste time
06/21/2004: Best Armed Insurgency on Earth
06/20/2004: The Ballot Of The Intolerant Initiative
06/18/2004: Enough Already, President Bush!
06/16/2004: Kerry Gets Key Early Endorsement
06/15/2004: George is No Friend of Bill
06/15/2004: Free Trade, Free Markets?
06/13/2004: And Now, Your Moment Of Zen
06/11/2004: The Fight for Congress
06/10/2004: The Church Gap
06/09/2004: Dear John
06/08/2004: Presidential Presence and Presidential Past
06/07/2004: The Reagan Legacies
06/06/2004: Rubber Room at the White House
06/05/2004: A Fallen Leader
06/05/2004: Class Warfare
06/03/2004: An Elegy for Tenet's Tenure
06/03/2004: Two Alternatives
06/02/2004: Chalabi Curveball Kills Powell
06/02/2004: Tide turning to the Democrats?
06/01/2004: Building The Perfect Nader-ite
05/31/2004: Idealistic Vision & Practical Considerations
05/31/2004: Remembering the Fallen on Memorial Day
05/30/2004: Cord Blood and Alternative Energy
05/29/2004: Republicans for Kerry Top Ten
05/28/2004: Lets Focus, People
05/27/2004: Awakenings
05/27/2004: Kerry-McCain Beats Bush-Cheney by 14%
05/26/2004: Anybody Have a Better Idea?
05/25/2004: The Politics of Terror
05/25/2004: The President Shares Victoria�s Secret
05/25/2004: Why We Fight
05/23/2004: When's Kerry Going to Let Loose?
05/20/2004: Hey Henri --
05/19/2004: Nothing Better To Do?
05/18/2004: Gay Marriage: The Dulling Of A Wedge Issue?
05/17/2004: Possible WMDs
05/17/2004: Iraqi Governing Council president killed
05/15/2004: Responsibility Taken
05/14/2004: Coalition of the Walkout
05/13/2004: Those Who Serve
05/12/2004: Senator Inhofe Is old Enough To Know Better
05/12/2004: But he got his war!
05/11/2004: Standards of Behavior
05/10/2004: Ralph Who?
05/10/2004: Living With Guilt
05/09/2004: A Couple Good Ideas
05/07/2004: Critical Comments?
05/06/2004: Bad Apple or Bad Tree?
05/02/2004: Political Casting Call
04/30/2004: When the actions of a few shame us all
04/30/2004: Soft Soap Hard Soap
04/30/2004: Bush Shredding Constitution
04/29/2004: Right-Wing Network Censors Nightline
04/29/2004: GOP: Bush Stiffing Troops
04/27/2004: Earthquake
04/25/2004: Market-Based Medicine
04/25/2004: Why The Anger?
04/22/2004: The Cost of War
04/22/2004: Citizen Wal Mart
04/21/2004: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise
04/20/2004: Selling the Candidates
04/20/2004: Congress and Their Sacred Trust
04/19/2004: Pass the Salt
04/17/2004: Has the Republican Party Lost its Soul?
04/17/2004: Political Games
04/17/2004: The Political War Al Qaeda Wages
04/15/2004: Palestinian Problem Solved?
04/14/2004: Blame Clinton!
04/13/2004: Bush Press Conference
04/12/2004: Falluja of an Empire
04/12/2004: The Uncertainty Principle
04/11/2004: Free Trade, But At A High Price
04/08/2004: Partisan or Practical?
04/07/2004: Improving the Primary Process
04/07/2004: Woman Be Wise
04/05/2004: How Much Violence is Too Much?
04/05/2004: Goin' Mobile
04/02/2004: Justification and Connection
04/02/2004: Will You Just Take The Debate, Mr. President?
04/01/2004: April First, Two Thousand and Four
03/31/2004: Air America
03/30/2004: Lets All Grow Up A Little
03/30/2004: Rice to Testify in Front of Commission
03/29/2004: To Rice or not to Rice?
03/29/2004: Bush: Keep Funding Terrorists
03/28/2004: Somalia Revisited
03/27/2004: The Right vs. Richard Clarke: Indignation And The Hollow Dodge
03/26/2004: Arrogance, Hubris or Stupidity?
03/25/2004: Unleash the Hounds!
03/24/2004: Sure to Boost Troop Morale
03/23/2004: Total Energy Independence
03/23/2004: Look in the Rear-View Mirror!
03/23/2004: Fun with FundRace: Celebrity politics
03/21/2004: A Presidential Obsession
03/21/2004: Bush Ads Hilight Administration's Hypocrisy
03/21/2004: On Amending the Constitution
03/21/2004: Palau Stays in �Coalition of the Willing� (Satire)
03/20/2004: Awaking a Sleeping Giant: 2004
03/19/2004: The McCain Mutiny
03/18/2004: 'Appeasement'
03/18/2004: Science Fiction and Fantasy
03/17/2004: Where�s My Money Bubba?
03/17/2004: Filmed In RoveVision
03/16/2004: What a difference 4 letters can make
03/15/2004: Sharpton endorses Kerry, but doesn't withdraw
03/14/2004: Waffles for Breakfast
03/14/2004: Abortion Debate Needs To Be Separated From Religion
03/12/2004: The Magic of Polling
03/10/2004: The Emergent Pattern
03/10/2004: The new Pentagon Papers
03/06/2004: The Nation is Sinking, Save the Sacred Institutions First
03/06/2004: Which context are we in?
03/05/2004: Gay Marriage Debate: Truth & Lies Vol. 1
03/05/2004: Super Tuesday Quotes
03/04/2004: Imagebound Campaign Ads
03/03/2004: The Unending Game
03/02/2004: Super Tuesday: Kerry wins 9, Dean wins 1, and Edwards drops out
03/02/2004: He Said, He Said
03/02/2004: Creationism and Evolutionism
03/01/2004: If 9/11 Changed Everything
03/01/2004: Revenge Of The Mooks
02/29/2004: How well do we know the man behind the curtain?
02/28/2004: An Acceptance Speech At Ground Zero? Talk About Poor Taste
02/27/2004: Political Humor: Defensive of Marriage
02/26/2004: The New Millenium
02/26/2004: Eyes On The Prize
02/25/2004: Kerry takes Idaho, Utah, and Hawaii
02/25/2004: Conflict and Politics
02/25/2004: They do say "Make it your way"
02/24/2004: Time for a Constitutional Change
02/24/2004: Outraged
02/24/2004: Pres. Bush calls for constitutional amendment against gay marriage
02/24/2004: Edwards picks up two blog endorsements
02/23/2004: More Terrorists Among Us
02/23/2004: Talking to Ralph on the Big Phone
02/23/2004: Politics can be funny, too!
02/22/2004: Gay Marriage: A Modern Day Civil Rights Struggle?
02/22/2004: Why I won't just "Move On" about the National Guard issue
02/22/2004: Will Nader run? Today's the day.
02/22/2004: Bush Needs To Take A Recess From Recess Appointments
02/21/2004: Trade Jobs for Education
02/21/2004: Political Hate Speech
02/20/2004: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
02/19/2004: Strange Bedfellows and Discipline
02/19/2004: Kerry narrowly wins Wisconsin, Dean ends campaign
02/18/2004: Like It Or Not, We Owe A Lot To Howard Dean
02/18/2004: Source: Dean to suspend campaign
02/18/2004: A SNOWY DAY IN MAINE
02/17/2004: Was Iraq the First Time?
02/16/2004: Dem Nominee Will Have To Fight Hard For The South
02/16/2004: Fickle Facts and Weapons of Mass Distraction
02/16/2004: Bill Bradley, Interns and Beer Commercials (Satire)
02/15/2004: Ralph, Don't Run
02/14/2004: Kerry wins D.C. and Nevada Primaries, Dean and Sharpton snag second
02/13/2004: CBS pulls Bush Administration Ads
02/13/2004: Honoring our Brothers in Arms
02/13/2004: The Day Ain't Over Yet
02/12/2004: Gen. Clark to endorse Sen. Kerry
02/12/2004: Possible connection between Saddam and Osama
02/10/2004: Gen. Wesley Clark to drop out of presidential race
02/09/2004: Kerry wins Washington, Michigan, and Maine caucuses, Dean a strong second
02/09/2004: Let the Games Begin
02/08/2004: Why the Democratic Nominee Needs a Black Running Mate
02/08/2004: I must have mis-heard
02/07/2004: The Breast Menace (Satire)
02/06/2004: Rep. Gephardt endorses Sen. Kerry
02/04/2004: Electability
02/04/2004: The Crystal Ball Dilemma
02/04/2004: Dean Goes Down
02/04/2004: Using Our Power Abroad Effectively
02/04/2004: Super Tuesday #1 Results: Kerry grabs 5 states
02/03/2004: Sen. Joseph Lieberman drops out of presidential race
02/02/2004: Sizing up the Survivors, Part II
01/31/2004: Why Can't Juries Find Cops Guilty of Beating Black Men?
01/31/2004: Cultural Suicide
01/29/2004: Say It Ain't So, Joe
01/29/2004: Five for the Road
01/28/2004: Hidden Taxes
01/28/2004: New Hampshire Primary: Kerry wins, Dean grabs second
01/26/2004: Drawing Conclusions
01/25/2004: Meryl Streep bashes Bush at Golden Globes
01/24/2004: Rove Endorses Kucinich (Satire)
01/23/2004: Senator Lieberman
01/23/2004: CBS Won't Air's "Bush in 30 Seconds" Super Bowl Ad
01/22/2004: Watch Out for Right-Wing Carnivores!
01/21/2004: The Fundamental Disconnect
01/21/2004: Confidential Memo (Satire)
01/21/2004: State of the Union
01/20/2004: The Obligatory Iowa Caucus Post-Mortem
01/20/2004: Iowa-shcmiowa...
01/19/2004: Who Da Thunk It?
01/18/2004: The Cost of Propaganda
01/17/2004: Requiem for the Moseley-Braun Campaign
01/17/2004: A Measure of Sacrifice
01/16/2004: The Gamble-and-Spend Conservative
01/16/2004: What are Iraqi Women Facing?
01/15/2004: Social Security is on the Moon
01/15/2004: Moseley-Braun Steps Down
01/15/2004: Pow, Zoom, Right to the Moon...
01/12/2004: Just Tell Me Why
01/09/2004: Externalities Rule
01/06/2004: What Does �Electable� Mean?
01/05/2004: Free Trade And fOlly
01/02/2004: "What We Will Do In 2004�
01/01/2004: Is Halliburton the New Enron?
12/25/2003: Rudolph And Unemployment
12/24/2003: Santa Claws
12/23/2003: Putting Iraq in Perspective
12/21/2003: Headlines, Reactions and Story Flow
12/20/2003: Framing the question
12/18/2003: The Policy Creep In The White House
12/17/2003: Redefining Our Nation
12/16/2003: Beyond Red & Blue States
12/15/2003: Why Dean still has a shot
12/15/2003: Just "the end of the beginning"
12/15/2003: The Tyrant is Gone!
12/14/2003: They've caught Saddam.
12/13/2003: Monopoly, Wealth and Capitalism
12/11/2003: Watch The World Dance
12/10/2003: You Can't Play in My Sandbox!
12/06/2003: Risk of Terrorism
12/03/2003: Interview with God
12/02/2003: Truth or Fiction?
11/30/2003: Political Pigeonholes
11/21/2003: This is a Joke, Right?
11/18/2003: Green and Pleasant (And Slightly Hostile) Land
11/14/2003: Republican Pity Party Fails
11/14/2003: "With God on Our Side"
11/13/2003: Interesting Trends in Advertising Activism
11/12/2003: London Calling
11/06/2003: Politics of Manufacturing
11/04/2003: One year from today...
11/03/2003: The Cart Before the Horse
10/31/2003: "...we just mow the whole place down, see what happens"
10/26/2003: Media Manipulation, Part III
10/22/2003: Which is more important? The message or the messenger?
10/18/2003: The hidden danger of 'Black Box Voting' machines
10/15/2003: Childhood's End
10/14/2003: Keeping My Balance
10/13/2003: More Underhanded Bush PR
10/13/2003: Suicides among the Iraq War casualties
10/12/2003: Busy Weekend in Texas
10/10/2003: Follow the Bouncing Ball
10/07/2003: Clark's Campaign Manager Quits
10/06/2003: And We're Back to Nine
10/02/2003: Plame Game
09/29/2003: Plame Scandal Overblown?
09/24/2003: Logical Fallacies
09/23/2003: No Right-wing Conspiracy?
09/16/2003: Introducing Wesley Clark
09/16/2003: The Polls are in: It's split down the middle!
09/10/2003: Welcome to Baltimore, Hon
09/08/2003: Disgruntled Conservatives
09/08/2003: The Front Lines of Freedom
09/07/2003: What's Patience Got To Do With It?
09/07/2003: Going Down?
09/03/2003: Putting Faith in False Prophets
09/02/2003: Bush attacks 65 year old American Standard of Living
09/01/2003: Ready, Set...Who?
08/27/2003: Can the stonings be that far off?
08/27/2003: "You will be punished if you come after us."
08/26/2003: The World is Changed
08/26/2003: Postwar Deaths Exceed Wartime Casualties
08/23/2003: Time to Grow Up
08/20/2003: Attack of the Narco-Terrorists!
08/18/2003: Kucinich on Deregulation
08/17/2003: Where Were You...?
08/16/2003: Iraqi Tips on Coping With a Blackout
08/15/2003: Why I'm Voting for Dennis
08/14/2003: Bush Fiscal Policy Worst In 200 Years?
08/13/2003: Is Dean the Anti-Bush?
08/13/2003: What Hath Blogs Wrought?
08/11/2003: The Bush Foreign Aid Package
08/11/2003: The Rebuke
08/09/2003: Use The Trolls
08/09/2003: Bush For President, 2004
08/07/2003: The Gore Speech
08/06/2003: Raise Your Hands If You Paid Attention in High School Civics
08/06/2003: Gore to Enter Race?
08/05/2003: H(oward) Ross McDean
08/01/2003: The Secret is Out
07/31/2003: Between A Man And A Woman
07/31/2003: Interesting Chart of Presidential Approval Ratings
07/30/2003: What we've got here...
07/29/2003: Why We Should Start Questioning Authority
07/29/2003: A Distinct Lack of Debate
07/27/2003: Moral Equivalence
07/26/2003: Missed Opportunities
07/24/2003: The One Remaining Republican Principle
07/23/2003: White House official aplogizes for role in scandal
07/21/2003: The Nine vs. The One
07/20/2003: She Who Laughs Last
07/19/2003: Treason
07/19/2003: Who's In the Money?
07/19/2003: Democrats and Yellowgate
07/16/2003: "Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true."
07/15/2003: Mark Your Calendar
07/14/2003: Primary Color. BROWN
07/14/2003: Bastille Day
07/13/2003: A Tagline for My Generation
07/11/2003: The Need To Speak
07/10/2003: A Wholistic Approach to the White House
07/10/2003: The Meaning of Reflective
07/09/2003: The Game Is Afoot
07/08/2003: Decent Dean vs. Kucinich Summary
07/08/2003: Holding out hope
07/07/2003: Who is That Guy?
07/07/2003: The Dean Meme
07/05/2003: Who're the guys in the shades?
07/04/2003: Happy Independence Day
07/02/2003: Unelectable and bad for the party
07/02/2003: Lesser of Two (or Four?) Evils
07/01/2003: Dear Human Resources
07/01/2003: New operation or same old lies?
07/01/2003: Building the Case
07/01/2003: The $7 Million
06/30/2003: Dean's Dollars
06/30/2003: The Harm of Bush's Foreign Policy
06/30/2003: Interesting Idea
06/30/2003: Dennis Miller
06/30/2003: My out-on-a-limb prediction
06/30/2003: First Mover Advantage
06/30/2003: Pretty Soon, We'll Be Talking Real Money
06/28/2003: Scaling
06/27/2003: McGovern '04?
06/27/2003: Dean's First Defeat?
06/27/2003: Results
06/27/2003: The Biggest Scandal Since Watergate -- Bigger
06/26/2003: Moving On
06/26/2003: Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Anti-Sodomy law
06/26/2003: Is This Compassionate Conservatism?
06/26/2003: Dean And Gay Marriage
06/26/2003: Where are we going? Where have we been?
06/25/2003: Dean Drives The Dems
06/25/2003: The "Did Bush Lie?" watch continues...
06/24/2003: It Ain't Heavy, It's My Server
06/23/2003: More Bush Administration "Policy Choices"
06/23/2003: Lies, Damn Lies and Policy Choices
06/23/2003: "And we call ourselves, simply, Americans."
06/23/2003: It's About Precedent
06/23/2003: No child left behind...
06/23/2003: Split Decision on Affirmative Action
06/22/2003: D-Day for Dean
06/22/2003: Kucinich: Principled and Passionate
06/21/2003: Hooray for Howardwood!
06/21/2003: Kerry threatens filibuster of Bush nominees
06/20/2003: Most "Audacious" Speech Award
06/20/2003: Dean calls for investigation
06/20/2003: Howard's Son Paul Arrested
06/20/2003: No Teen Spirit
06/20/2003: Truth or Consequences
06/20/2003: Drudge quotes Kerry out of Context
06/19/2003: She Swears She's Not Running
06/19/2003: What To Do Today? What to Do?
06/19/2003: Revisionist Historians?
06/19/2003: "There are no good lies, but some matter more than others"
06/19/2003: Apples and Oranges
06/18/2003: The Congressional Hex
06/18/2003: The 401k Man
06/18/2003: The Election Bone is Connected to the... Terrorism Bone
06/18/2003: Let's Get Intermodal
06/18/2003: Railroaded out of office?
06/18/2003: Vote in the Primary
06/18/2003: Is It Still the Economy, Stupid?
06/18/2003: What Isn't Oprah Into?
06/18/2003: A Conservative Blogosphere?
06/18/2003: NYTimes changes headline to remove mention of G.O.P. Convention
06/18/2003: Congressional Democrats Fight Back
06/18/2003: Bush Took a Fall for Big Oil?
06/18/2003: Top British Officials say Intelligence was used "Selectively"
06/17/2003: Ideas vs Money
06/17/2003: "Roe" wants case overturned
06/17/2003: Does John Kerry Play the Sax?
06/17/2003: Joe Citizen Does Care
06/17/2003: DNC's Bushenstein Flash Piece
06/17/2003: Braun Campaign Returns Home
06/16/2003: Choosing Sides: Fiscal Policy 101
06/16/2003: Zogby via Al Jazeera, 6/16
06/16/2003: Hooking Up
06/16/2003: Americans Clueless About Facts of War
06/16/2003: Summer Reading
06/16/2003: Kerry intros great energy plan
06/15/2003: Trimming Defense Overspending
06/15/2003: Wisconsin Straw Poll. Survey Says...
06/15/2003: The Big Dog. An Observation
06/15/2003: UN exempts US from tribunal
06/15/2003: GOTV in the Invisible Election
06/14/2003: California is for the Democrats
06/14/2003: Approaching the Election
06/14/2003: Slate's crib sheets
06/14/2003: 40% of Senators are Millionaires
06/13/2003: Electabilty: Who is. Who isn't. Who's that?
06/13/2003: Should Al Get Back In?
06/13/2003: Patriot Act II Criticized by All
06/13/2003: Kids don't expire
06/13/2003: An Impressive Feat
06/12/2003: A Lie for a Lie
06/09/2003: The Democrats call Bush a liar
06/08/2003: Poll shows Kerry, Dean leading in New Hampshire
06/06/2003: Spitzer says Dean can't win presidency
06/05/2003: Bill Moyers: The Progressive Story of America
06/05/2003: A nation divided: Values and 2004
06/04/2003: Real Live Democrats
06/03/2003: Analysis: Democrats 2004, an early line
06/01/2003: Tax cuts will hurt only Democratic Party
05/31/2003: Early Warnings on Abortion Enter 2004 Campaign
05/29/2003: Feisty Texans a Model For Democratic Party